Social Contribution Activities

The Sojitz Group promotes Group employees' participation in grassroots social contribution activities with the aim of deepening involvement in local communities.

Main Activities

■Donation (collected items)

Sorting collected items (stamps) for donation

Collected used stamps and postcards with uncancelled stamps from Group employees. Employee volunteers sorted the items and donated them to an NPO

■Blood Donation


Conducted twice during the year in meeting rooms at the Sojitz head office

■Support for the Disabled


Support Swan Cafe & Bakery’s Akasaka shop, a bakery that helps disabled people achieve independence, by conducting regular sales of their bread, cakes, and others in the Company

■Community Volunteer Activities


Cleaned up the area around the Tokyo Head Office.

■Acceptance of Company Visits


Accepted company visits by junior high and high school students. Our employees introduced initiatives of the Sojitz Group to the students and exchanged opinions with them.


■Sojitz Holds an Endowed Lecture Series at Kobe University


Over the last few months, Sojitz organized an endowed lecture series at Kobe University with the theme of “The Sogo Shosha in a Global Environment.” Twenty-one students participated in the series that spanned seven sessions starting from October 3rd. The classes were mainly lecture style, with a focus on understanding the world through the activities of a sogo shosha, and on thinking about leadership in a global context.




■Other Volunteer Activities and Charity Events

Established a section on the Company intranet for exchanging information about volunteer activities

Disaster Relief Activities

When there is a disaster in Japan or overseas, the Sojitz Group cooperates in providing relief for victims and restoring the disaster area through monetary donations and financial assistance.

Main Disaster Relief Activities in Recent Years

Disaster (Time of occurrence) Donations (*)
Relief Aid for Earthquake Damage in Kumamoto (April 2016) Donated cash, drinking water and other supplies totaling \10 million on behalf of the Group
Relief Aid for Areas Damaged by Tropical Storm Etau (September 2015) Donated \1 million
Assistance for Earthquake in Nepal (April 2015) Donated \1 million
Assistance for Earthquake Stricken Areas in Yunnan Province, China (August 2014) Donated \1 million
Relief Aid for Typhoon Damage (Typhoon Haiyan) in the Philippines (November 2013) Donated \10 million on behalf of the Sojitz Group
Relief Aid for New York City (for Victims of Hurricane Sandy that Hit the United States) (December 2012) Donated $50,000 (equivalent to \4.2 million) on behalf of the Group
Thailand Flood Damage (July 2011) Donated cash and relief supplies totaling ¥10 million together with Sojitz Asia and Sojitz (Thailand)
Great East Japan Earthquake (March 2011) Donated ¥100 million
Donated ¥100 million (March 2011) Donated ¥1 million together with Sojitz New Zealand
Brazil Flood Damage (February 2011) Donated ¥3 million together with Sojitz do Brasil
Queensland, Australia Flood Damage (January 2011) Donated A$100 thousand (about ¥8.3 million) together with Sojitz Australia
China Landslides (August 2010) Donated ¥1 million together with Sojitz (China)
Pakistan Flood Damage (August 2010) Donated ¥1 million
Earthquake in Qinghai Province, China (April 2010) Donated ¥1 million, plus ¥200 thousand from employees of Sojitz (China)
Cash donations are given to the Red Cross in each country and to NGOs working in the disaster areas.