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Social Contributions:Basic Approach

Sojitz Group aims to realize a sustainable society based on its Corporate Statement. As members of society, each individual employee will strive to address social issues through Key sustainability Issues (Materiality)-based activities.

Sojitz Group Statement

The Sojitz Group creates value and prosperity by connecting the world with a spirit of integrity.

Sojitz Group Key sustainability Issues (Materiality)

figure:6 CSR Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Our Activities

As a corporate citizen, Sojitz Group acts in accord with the Sojitz Group Statement, and Key sustainability Issues (Materiality) to promote human rights, environmental preservation, renewable energy, and diversity through its social contribution activities.

Themes Contents
Human Rights


figure/Japan: Recycling Activities

Japan: Recycling Activities

Local Communities photo/Vietnam: Scholarship Program

Vietnam: Scholarship Program

Local Communities photo/Japan: Tohoku Education Support Program

Japan: Tohoku Education Support Program
(Partner: Katariba)

Local Communities photo/Japan: Support for Reconstruction after the Kumamoto Earthquake

Japan: Support for Reconstruction after the Kumamoto Earthquake

Local Communities photo/Japan: international exchange

Sojitz Foundation(scholarships for privately financed foreign students, support for academic research, grants for international exchanges)

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