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Outside Director Naoko Saiki

Outside Director

Naoko Saiki

April 1982 Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
March 1998 Senior Coordinator for Policy Coordination, Foreign Policy Bureau
April 1998 Director, International Peace Cooperation Division, Foreign Policy Bureau
April 2000 Director, Second North America Division, North American Affairs Bureau
April 2002 Director, Legal Affairs Division, Treaties Bureau
August 2004 Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University
April 2006 Director, Policy Evaluation and Administrative Review Division,Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
August 2006 Director, Economic Policy Division, Economic Affairs Bureau
September 2006 Director, Financial Affairs Division, Minister’s Secretariat
January 2009 Deputy Director-General / Senior Fellow, The Japan Institute of International Affairs
September 2011 Deputy Press Secretary / Deputy Director-General, Public Diplomacy Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
September 2012 Deputy Press Secretary / Deputy Director-General, Minister's Secretariat Deputy Secretary-General, Integrated Office for Regional Revitalization, Cabinet Secretariat
June 2013 Director-General for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
July 2014 Director-General, Economic Affairs Bureau Councillor, Japanese Government's TPP Headquarters, Cabinet Secretariat
October 2015 Director-General, International Legal Affairs Bureau
July 2017 Director-General, Foreign Service Training Institute
January 2019 Retired from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
May 2019 Corporate Advisor, Sojitz Corporation (resigned in February 2020)
April 2020 Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo (current position)
June 2020 Outside Director, Sojitz Corporation (current position)
June 2020 Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Development Bank of Japan Inc.(current position)
June 2021 Outside Director, Komatsu Ltd. (current position)


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