Sojitz Corporation


Information Management

Approach to Information Management and Information Security

Sojitz Group  abides by all laws and regulations pertaining to information management and information security. As a Group, we have established policies for the management of information assets such as the Information Management Regulations and Group IT Security Policy. Additionally, we fully communicate the importance of information management and information security within the company by conducting e-learning and other educational programs for employees, as well as carry out technical safety measures to prevent information leakage or unauthorized access. In the rare event information is compromised, we will work to immediately identify the cause and swiftly implement response measures that include measures to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

Personal Information Protection

The Sojitz Group is fully aware of the importance of protecting personal information and has established a Privacy Policy* for the protection of personal information. Our group endeavors to manage personal information appropriately according to Personal Information Protection Regulations and by appointing administrators to handle personal information.

Protection of Personal Information

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