Sojitz Corporation


Awareness Initiatives

We implement various initiatives to ensure that all Group employees work proactively and sincerely to meet the expectations of society.

Stakeholder Dialogues

We hold periodic stakeholder dialogues as part of our goal to incorporate the perspectives of stakeholders with a variety of management styles.

Dialogues between the CSR Committee and stakeholders

July 2012 Masahiko Kon, a board member at Sumitomo 3M Limited,
“Using CSR Management to Address Change:
Instilling Personnel with the Corporate Statement.”
January 2014 Muramoto Masaaki, Executive Officer at Nestlé Japan Ltd.
“Creating Shared Value (CSV) of Nestlé worldwide”
Titles are current as of the time the dialogue took place.

Stakeholder Dialogue with Management

February 2018 Takejiro Sueyoshi (Special Advisor to the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative)
Tsuyoshi Mizuguchi (Professor at the Takasaki City University of Economics)
Keiichi Ushijima (EY Japan Climate Change and Sustainability Services Principal)
“Sustainable Business Management”
Attendees from Sojitz: Five members of senior management, including the president


In-House Seminars

We periodically hold seminars with guest experts to incorporate the views of stakeholders. In the year ended March 31, 2014, we held a seminar with the theme below.

Recent seminars held for Sojitz Group employees.

October 2017 “Human Rights Risk Seminar”
Guest speaker: Masataka Nagoshi, manager, EY Japan Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS)
March 2018 “A seminar of the Wastes Management and Public Cleansing Law”
Guest speaker: Nobuyuki Koyasu, Principal Consultant, Universe Inc.


In order to communicate the company’s sustainability approach and related initiatives to Sojitz Group employees, and use questionnaire surveys to gauge their opinions to make future improvements.

Theme Number of Employees Enrolled
FY 2015
Environmental & Social Risk within the Supply Chain
FY 2016
To Remain a Corporate Group Creating “Two Types of Value”
FY 2017
Response to Human Rights Risks


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