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Sojitz Group Quality Management Policy

Sojitz Group Quality Management Initiatives

Sojitz Group’s mission as a general trading company is to deliver goods and services to meet customer needs. By taking a proactive approach to grasp the true needs of the market, Sojitz aims to contribute to people’s lives and to society by creating value and prosperity through its business activities.

We are committed to providing our customers and society with safe and reliable goods and services. Sojitz Group’s quality management initiatives reflect our dedication to understanding and responding to customer needs.

Quality Management Policy

  1. 1. Integrity and Trust
  2. Sojitz will act in good faith to meet the quality standards of its customers and society. We seek to build enduring trust through our constant efforts to realize these expectations.

  3. 2. Adaptability
  4. As people's values and social environments change, companies are faced with new requirements for quality. We will meet these new standards by continuing to implement appropriate quality management systems, including updating our methods based on technological innovation.

  5. 3. Strong Human Capital
  6. Quality management issues not only affect our direct customers and suppliers, but also have an impact on society as a whole. We will strengthen our human capital to carry out quality management practices and deliver goods and services that meet true market needs, in order to continue to create value and prosperity.

  7. 4. Transparency
  8. We strive to offer fair and comprehensive information and explanations related to the goods and services provided in order to fulfill our accountability to customers and to society.

  9. 5. Compliance with Agreements and Legal Regulations
  10. Sojitz pledges to uphold its promise to provide customers with quality goods and services. In addition, we fully understand and act in compliance with legal regulations related to quality management.

Scope of Policy

This policy applies to the quality management of all goods and services handled by Sojitz Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries.

Revisions to the Policy

Sojitz Group will review and revise this policy as necessary based on social issues in each country and region, changes in people’s values and lifestyles, technological innovations, and the expansion of the Group’s business fields.

Date Policy Adopted
October 22, 2021


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