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Sojitz Group Partners with AirX to Offer Unlimited Use Plans for Private Jets in the Kyushu Area

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Mar. 31, 2023
Sojitz Corporation
Japcon Inc.
Okayama Air Service Co., Ltd.

Sojitz Group company Japcon Inc. (Head Office: Okayama; Representative Director: Katsuya Morita) and its fully owned subsidiary Okayama Air Service Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Okayama; Representative Director: Shinji Teraoka) (collectively, “Japcon Group”) have partnered with AirX (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kiwamu Tezuka; “AirX”), a company providing helicopter charters and sightseeing flights, to begin offering an unlimited plan for private jet use covering the entire Kyushu area starting from March 31, 2023. Japcon Inc., is engaged in aircraft sales, operation management, and maintenance, while its fully owned subsidiary Okayama Air Service Co., Ltd. is an air transport company (AOC holder) engaged in aircraft charters in Japan.

This new service will utilize AirX’s booking platform AIROS Skyview and operate using business jets provided by Japcon Group. AirX’s client demands will be matched with services through the AIROS Skyview booking site. Additionally, users will be able to make reservations for a luxury hotel operated by a Sojitz subsidiary and partner company through the same booking site. Whether for business or sightseeing purposes, this private jet package plan provides optimal service for Japanese and foreign companies and VIPs with the option to freely select destinations and flight times. With this new unlimited private jet plan, users can fully enjoy the time at their destination.

The Kyushu area is both an industrial center of Japan and major tourist destination for domestic and overseas travelers. With existing modes of transport, travelers need to allocate additional time if they want to travel within the Kyushu area. However, by using this new private jet service, travelers can fully experience Kyushu’s charms and plan a luxury travel itinerary filled with regional foods, culture, and events that include visits to major cities in Kyushu as well as islands off of Kyushu such as the Goto Islands. Flights can be arranged from Tokyo and other major cities and combined with helicopter sightseeing services offered by AirX so that visitors can fully experience all the delights Kyushu has to offer.

Sojitz was one of the first companies in Japan to enter the private jet business back in 2003. Sojitz has since expanded to aircraft management for U.S. and other foreign-registered aircraft, the sale and operation of large-scale business jets, and arrangement of charter flights in Japan. Moving forward, Sojitz will continue to expand its business areas to offer comprehensive business jet services and pursue new value creation in the aviation field.

[Unlimited Use Plan for Private Jets]
・Booking site:
- Landing at airports in the Kyushu area is possible.
- It is also possible to travel round trip from Haneda Airport to the Kyushu area and back.

◇Kyushu Airports
・Fukuoka Airport, Kumamoto Airport, Nagasaki Airport, Oita Airport, Miyazaki Airport, Kagoshima Airport
・Kamigoto Airport, Fukue Airport, Amakusa Airport, Yakushima Airport, Tanegashima Airport
*For departures from an airport other than Haneda Airport, please contact us.

◇Model Plan
- Day 1
Depart from Haneda Airport → Arrive at Fukuoka Airport → Sightseeing in Hakata → Flight to Nagasaki Airport → Sightseeing in Nagasaki → Flight to Fukue Airport → Check in at Retreat Goto ray Hotel
- Day 2
Check out of hotel and depart from Fukue Airport → Arrive at Kagoshima Airport → Sightseeing in Kagoshima → Flight to Oita Airport → Sightseeing in Oita → Arrive at Haneda Airport

◇Pricing Chart
Special Opening Price (Discount available until the end of May) 

Plan Price (with tax)
Kyushu Area Unlimited Use Plan (2 days)  3,300,000 yen
Haneda to Kyushu Round-trip
Kyushu Area Unlimited Use Plan (2 days) 
6,600,000 yen

Normal Price

Plan Price (with tax)
Kyushu Area Unlimited Use Plan (2 days)  4,000,000 yen
Haneda to Kyushu Round-trip
Kyushu Area Unlimited Use Plan (2 days) 
8,000,000 yen

・Private jets can accommodate up to 4 passengers.
・If you would like to depart from an airport other than Kyushu area airports or Haneda Airport, please contact us.
・Helicopter and Cessna sightseeing services can also be arranged.


As part of its regional revitalization efforts, Sojitz opened a luxury hotel called Retreat Goto ray in 2022 in Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture.

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