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Nissho Electronics and KDDI Vietnam to Offer Nissho-Blocks Based Cloud and IT Concierge Services at Long Duc Industrial Park

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Jul. 31, 2013
Nissho Electronics Corporation
Nissho Electronics Vietnam Company Limited
KDDI Vietnam Corporation
Sojitz Corporation
Long Duc Investment Company Limited

Nissho Electronics will introduce its Nissho-Blocks IaaS cloud-based solution at the Long Duc Industrial Park and connect IT management center located within the park to each tenant company by optical fiber. Nissho Vietnam and KDDI Vietnam will create a secure and high-speed IT environment to provide server and application services to tenant companies. Morever, IT concierge will also be established within the industrial park to serve as a local service desk to function as a helpdesk and meet diverse IT needs.

Conceptual diagram of the Long Duc Industrial Park


In the past, when the tenants of an industrial park introduced applications, they had to create a server environment and purchase application licenses at their own expense or contract for their own Internet access and use online services. In the case of the former, tenant companies incurred high initial investment and maintenance burdens, and in the case of the latter, data transmission speeds are relatively low compared to dedicated lines and there are substantial security risks.

Effects of Introduction

In addition to conventional infrastructure (electric, gas, water, sewer, and logistics networks), next-generation industrial parks also have IT environments as a condition that affects productivity. The Long Duc Industrial Park is attracting attention within Vietnam as one such next-generation park. With the introduction of Nissho-Blocks, it will be possible to provide cloud computing-based IT services in the park, eliminating the trouble for tenant companies to develop their own infrastructure and enabling them to use IT services when needed. Tenant companies will be able to connect to high-speed, secure lines and enjoy on-premise benefits including robust support from permanent personnel under their own management.

The Long Duc Industrial Park features support systems that enable Japanese global companies doing business in Vietnam centered on Sojitz Corporation to operate with a sense of security. Nissho Electronics, the core IT company of the Sojitz Group, is collaborating with KDDI Vietnam, which has an established track record of providing a wide range of solutions in Vietnam, to provide IT-related support to tenant companies.

Service Pricing

VPS basic package (1 core, 1 GB of memory, 40 GB HDD)
Initial costs: 2,100,000 dong (9,851 yen*); monthly cost: starting at 2,310,000 dong (10,853 yen)

* Based on exchange rates as of July 1.


Nissho-Blocks is a multi-vender reference architecture** made up of industry standard and innovative technologies. It is a proven solution designed from products and functions selected according to the customer’s specific needs based on Nissho Electronics’ accumulated technologies and operating expertise. Nissho Electronics introduced at the Long Duc Industrial Park Nissho-Blocks for IaaS, an IaaS-type cloud based solution. Since the foundations are built on the basis of proven reference architecture, it is possible to provide a base system that operates stably with a structure optimized for the customer's environment more quickly than the previous method of starting from the ground up. In addition, enhanced support is provided from the central contact point.

More information can be found on the Nissho Electronics solutions page:

** A reference architecture is a combination of products including servers, storage, networking, and software that are designed, set, and verified in advance.

Company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Product names, prices, departments, contact, and website addresses are current as of the time of issuance of this release.

Reference Information

Long Duc Industrial Park

The Long Duc Industrial Park provides a wide range of support to tenant companies in order to create an environment so they can focus on production. Systems are in place to provide support for efficient production from plant establishment to operation including consulting on establishment of local subsidiaries and plant construction to procuring, importing and exporting, and installing production facilities, and logistics and IT support following the start of plant operations.

(1) Name Long Duc Industrial Park
(2) Operator Long Duc Investment Company Limited
(3) Shareholders ・Long Duc Investment Pte., Ltd.: 88%
(owned 50.2% by Sojitz Corporation, 39.9% by Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., and 9.9% by Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd.)
・ Donafoods (a state-operated foodstuffs company): 12%
(4) Total development area 270 ha
(5) Subdivided area 200 ha
(6) Maximum number tenants 80-100 companies
(7) Location Long Duc, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province (on the southern outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City)
(8) Access ・ Following the opening of a portion of the North-South Expressway in 2014
City center: Approximately 40 min. by car to the Ho Chi Minh City Ctr. (40 km)
Port: Approximately 60 min. by car to the Cai Mep Thi Vai Port (40 km)
Approximately 40 min. by car to the Cat Lai Port (40 km)
Airport: 60 min. by car to the Tan Son Nhat International Airport (43 km)
・ After the Long Thanh International Airport opens in 2020
Airport: Approximately 20 min. by car to the Long Thanh International Airport (14 km)


Nissho Electronics Vietnam Company Limited

Nissho Electronics Vietnam is a local subsidiary in Vietnam, that provides the advanced and specialized technology that Nissho Electronics has experienced as one of leading network integrators in Japan. The company builds and maintains networks for Vietnamese telecommunications companies and government agencies and performs software development for Nissho Electronics on an outsourcing basis.

Through this initiative, Nissho Electronics Vietnam will accumulate cloud service operating experience in Vietnam and will provide various IT services including Nissho-Blocks to local companies.

(1) Name Nissho Electronics Vietnam Company Limited
(2) Business Provision of network integration and offshore software services
(3) Location Room 10, 18th Floor, Charmvit Tower 117, Tran Duy Hung Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam
(4) Contact information TEL:+84-4-3556-3737 FAX:+84-4-3556-3355

KDDI Vietnam Corporation

KDDI Vietnam was established in 2000, began operating the Telehouse Vietnam data center in 2010, and established a networking centering 2013, building IT infrastructure and providing a wide range of solutions to customers doing business in Vietnam.

KDDI Vietnam hopes to use its experience to provide IT services and support in the Long Duc Industrial Park as well.

(1) Name KDDI Vietnam Corporation
(2) Business System integration including LAN and IT device design, proposal, and construction
(3) Location Unit 1501, 15/F, ICON4 Building, 243A La Thanh Str. Dong Da Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
(4) Contact information TEL:+84-4-3826-2001, 3826-4001 FAX:+84-4-3824-5001

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