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Sojitz Receives Order for Ammonia Plant for Pakistan's Largest Fertilizer Complex

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Jul. 10, 2007

Sojitz Corporation has received an order, valued at approximately 3 billion yen, from Fatima Fertilizer Company Ltd. (Head office: Multan, Pakistan), which is under the umbrella of the Fatima Group, one of the Pakistan's largest industrial conglomerates, for a used ammonia plant for fertilizer plants, which complex is currently under construction by Fatima Fertilizer in the suburbs of Sadiqabad in central Pakistan. In 2006, Sojitz was awarded an order, valued at approximately 13 billion yen, for engineering, procurement and project management services for an entire fertilizer complex and a urea production facility that constituted the core of the fertilizer complex. The subject order thus marks the receipt of consecutive orders.

Sojitz will procure a used ammonia plant from a Dutch fertilizer manufacturer, renew the design to tailor the plant to the usage environment in Pakistan, introduce leading-edge technology, and will contribute suggestions for modification of major equipment, through a UK-based company MW Kellogg Limited (Head office: London, United Kingdom). The ammonia plant, which has a production capacity of 1,500 tons per day, is scheduled to commence operations in October 2009. 


Production Process at Fertilizer Complex

The Fatima Fertilizer Complex will be one of the largest fertilizer plants in Pakistan. The complex will use natural gas from the Mari Gas Fields in Pakistan and will produce ammonia for the consistent production of urea and various other synthetic fertilizers. The fertilizer production capacity of the plants as a whole is planned to be 5,100 tons per day.

Pakistan is pursuing the maintenance and fostering of agriculture, which is the country's main industry. The country has adopted a priority-based policy for the allocation of its natural gas as an ingredient in fertilizer production. Further, there is active demand for fertilizers in Pakistan, and the construction of new plants, the expansion of existing plants, and the updating of old facilities there are intensifying. Sojitz has established a relationship of mutual trust with the Fatima Group over twenty years of trading, and the company continues not only to aim at receiving orders for plants for Pakistan, but also to focus on the Asian markets. 


Fertilizer Complex Site (in Sadiqabad)

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