Sojitz Corporation


Initiatives Undertaken at Sojitz to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

July. 1, 2022

Preventing infections and stopping the spread of disease both inside and outside the company is a top priority for Sojitz Corporation, as is ensuring the health and safety of Group employees and stakeholders. Therefore, we have implemented the following measures in accordance with governmental policies, action plans, and directives.

    Major Initiatives:

  • Implementing and expanding remote work and staggered commuting times
  • Monitoring with Covid-19 antigen testing to confirm infection and testing as required for business trips and events
  • Restricting employees from coming to the office when they have a fever or other symptoms of illness
  • Adhering to directives such as those from municipal governments when holding meetings and special events to prevent the spread of infection
  • Enforcing the wearing of masks and hand washing throughout the workday
  • Instituting measures to prevent infection such as installing hand sanitizing liquid dispensers in common and exclusive-use areas of office buildings and installing clear divider panels in meeting rooms


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