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Sojitz Enters Healthcare Logistics Business in Peru

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Nov. 21, 2023
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) acquired equity interest in BNS Latin Invest S.A.C. (“BNS”) via its fully owned subsidiary, Sojitz Corporation of America, to enter the healthcare logistics business in Peru. BNS is the holding vehicle of Salog S.A.(“Salog”) and Salutare Solución Integral en Salud S.A.C. (“Salutare”), two Peruvian legal entities engaged in Peru’s healthcare logistics sector.

Salog has been engaged in a healthcare logistics PPP contract*¹ with EsSalud, which is Peru’s social security healthcare provider responsible for public health insurance and the medical care for Peru’s private labor force.  Salutare has been engaged in providing healthcare inventory and logistics operations in Peru’s private healthcare sector. One in every 2.6 Peruvians is an EsSalud health insurance affiliate, and there are approximately 12.77 million affiliates nationwide.*² Under this PPP contract, Salog has provided inventory management, packaging, and delivery services for pharmaceutical drugs and other products in the Lima and Callao area since 2010. Salog is engaged in storage and inventory management of pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies (approx. 7,000 SKUs) at the central warehouse purchased by EsSalud as well as delivery of pharmaceuticals to 55 hospitals, approx.6,000 beds under the EsSalud umbrella, and to over 700 affiliated private pharmacies. EsSalud partners with Salog to optimize EsSalud’s operations through Salog’s proprietary inventory management and delivery system that uses data-based demand forecasting and order suggestions to reduce excess inventory and out-of-stock items. Also, since 2019 Salog, is focused in providing new experience to EsSalud patients by delivering prescriptions to the patient’s home or local drug store, which has significantly reduced wait times and resulted in higher customer satisfaction and better healthcare access.


[Central warehouse in Lima operated by Salog]

Peru’s population is also expected to steadily increase in the coming years as a result of positive economic growth, and EsSalud anticipates a rise in affiliates in the middle-income bracket. Peru’s healthcare sector is expected to expand as multiple efforts are underway to bridge the healthcare service gap and increase the quality of healthcare services. Therefore, in the logistics field, Peru expects to see a rise in demand for efficient, high-quality services provided by private enterprises.

Through this investment in Salog, Sojitz Group will make full use of its existing logistics know-how to further expand healthcare logistics in Peru and neighboring countries while gaining healthcare business experience in Latin America.

*1: Public Private Partnership (PPP)
*2: Subscriber data as of September 2023

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