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Sojitz Develops “TUNA SCOPE”, A New AI Technology to Assess Tuna Quality

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May 29, 2019
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) has partnered with Dentsu Inc. (“Dentsu”) and Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (“ISID”) to develop “TUNA SCOPE”*, an AI technology capable of assessing super-frozen wild-caught tuna quality. This technology employs digital imaging analysis to evaluate  quality from super-frozen cross-sections of the tuna tail. Tuna that have undergone quality analysis using “TUNA SCOPE” will be certified as “AI Maguro,” a name currently in the process of being trademarked.
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The quality of super-frozen wild-caught tuna differs depending on the fishing method, fishing area, and onboard processing techniques, which all influence the fish’s color, flesh quality, and freshness. In standard quality checks, a cross-section from each defrosted fish must be skillfully inspected to ascertain quality. However, TUNA SCOPE technology automates this quality assessment process, making it easier to evaluate and deliver premium quality tuna that meets customer expectations.

Verification tests were conducted in March 2019, the results of which will be used to enhance the accuracy and applicability of this quality assessment technology.

Sojitz will continue to pursue new AI and IoT business initiatives via its subsidiary, Sojitz Tuna Farm Takashima. In the future, Sojitz plans to expand new technologies for overseas application, usage of this technology to other species of fish, and so forth, in order to provide solutions to issues in the marine products industry and contribute to greater value creation.

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Shareholders Major shareholders: The Master Trust Bank of Japan Ltd. (trust account) – 13.65%
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