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Sojitz Joins Three Wheat-Related Businesses in the Philippines

– Building a Wheat Value Chain through Flour Production, Flour Sales, and Packaged Breads –

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Mar. 22, 2018
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation has announced its participation in three businesses in the Philippines—a flour production business, a business selling flour and other food ingredients, and a business producing and selling packaged breads.

Interflour Group Pte. Ltd. (Head office: Singapore; Managing Director: Avi Fintz), Southeast Asia’s leading milling company, recently established a milling subsidiary in the Philippines called Mabuhay Interflour Mill Inc. (“MI”; Head office: Subic Bay Freeport Zone). Sojitz has now acquired 25% of MI’s issued stock, thereby joining this flour production business. With MI, Sojitz aims to lead the Philippines’ flour market by providing high-quality flour utilizing Interflour Group’s superior wheat procurement and technological capabilities.

Sojitz established ingredient wholesaler Sojitz Asia-Pacific Trading Inc. (“SAPTI”; Head office: Makati) in June 2017. This joint venture with one of the Philippines’ largest sugar wholesaling companies handles flour, as well as sugar, oil, and other ingredients used in snacks and packaged breads. Using Sojitz and the joint partner’s wide customer network, SAPTI aims to become the Philippines’ biggest one-stop food ingredient wholesaler.

Additionally, Sojitz plans to start a bread production and sales business, having established Nippon Premium Bakery Inc. (“NPB”; Head office: Makati) together with Ryoyu Co. Ltd. (Head office: Onojo, Fukuoka; Representative Director: Takehiko Araki). NPB will build a bread production plant just south of Manila, in Batangas, to sell bread primarily in the Greater Manila Area.

Economic growth in the Philippines has brought continued changes to the country’s diet and food culture, including an increase in wheat-based foods. Sojitz will contribute to the development of this food culture by constructing a wheat distribution value chain comprised of these flour, ingredient wholesale, and packaged bread businesses, implementing Japanese technologies and expertise throughout the chain to meet demand for safe and reliable foods.


【Mabuhay Interflour Mill Inc.】

Related Information:

Company Overview – Mabuhay Interflour Mill Inc.

Established March 2014
Head Office Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Representative Director Maria Cristina M. Piguing
Shareholders Sojitz Corporation – 25%
Interflour Group Pte. Ltd. – 75%
Main Business Flour production and sale

Company Overview – Sojitz Asia-Pacific Trading Inc.

Established June 2017
Head Office Makati, Philippines
Representative Director Hajime Takeshita
Shareholders Sojitz Corporation – 60%
Major Philippines wholesaler – 40%
Main Business Wholesaling of food ingredients including flour, sugar, and oils

Company Overview – Nippon Premium Bakery Inc.

Established July 2017
Head Office Makati, Philppines
Representative Director Toshiya Taniguichi
Shareholders Sojitz Corporation – 70%
JR&R Distributors Inc. – 20%
Ryoyu Co. Ltd. – 10%
Main Business Bread production and sale

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