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NCI and NISSHO ELECTRONICS to Participate in Cyber Security Business with Sojitz

~To provide one-stop solutions from consultation, design support, and system construction to monitoring, operation, and analysis~

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Nov. 17, 2014
NCI Corporation
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Group companies, NCI Corporation (head office: Chiyoda-ku Tokyo; President & CEO: Teruhide Hashimoto; hereafter “NCI”) and NISSHO ELECTRONICS CORPORATION (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yahiro Kawamura; hereafter “Nissho”), will work together with Sojitz Corporation (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Yoji Sato; hereafter “Sojitz”) to participate in a cyber security business targeting government agencies and corporations.

By the end of November, 2014, NCI plans to establish a Security Operation Center (SOC) staffed by cyber security specialists. By cooperating with Nissho, a cyber security-related consultation and system construction support provider, NCI will offer a Managed Security Service (MSS) plan including proxy system operation and round-the-clock network monitoring, operation, and analysis by the SOC security specialists. In addition, it will provide various support services to government agencies seeking to reinforce cyber-attack countermeasures and corporations looking to construct and operate their own private, in-house SOC.

Also, by cooperating with Sojitz, a company providing advanced cyber security solutions primarily to government agencies and infrastructure companies, NCI and Nissho hope to create a one-stop, group-wide framework to provide everything from security system consultation to design support, system construction, monitoring, operations, and analysis.

Internet usage has become an indispensible part of our lives. Conventional defences no longer work against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks—a grave problem which could become not only a social issue but an international issue between governments, directly impacting operations at commercial enterprises. We, as Sojitz Group, provide customers with complete defence which combines advanced cyber security solutions.

We have received the following comments regarding the establishment of SOC and the start of our MSS services:

◆FireEye K.K.
We warmly welcome NCI, Sojitz, and Nissho’s full-fledged entrance into the cyber security business.
FireEye’s line of security products serve as a platform for dealing with the latest security threats including zero-day attacks and targeted threats from as-yet-unknown malware. By combining these products with the intelligence of systems engineers and analysts who have over 17 years of systems operation expertise and abundant experience in dealing with security threats, we are confident that NCI’s MSS services, provided through their revolutionary SOC framework, will provide a new standard for corporate cyber security.

Fire Eye K.K.
Masayuki Moteki
Country Manager - Japan

◆Macnica Networks Corp.
Macnica Networks is very honored to be involved in NCI’s cyber security business. The individuals behind today’s cyber attacks use very sophisticated and versatile means in order to make their way through holes in company and government security.  Because of this, it is becoming increasingly necessary to implement operational measures such as monitoring and response, in addition to system selection and installation.
Macnica Networks firmly believe that this business, given NCI’s participation as a company with many years of system operation experience, will prove very effective for many customers seeking to reinforce their cyber security measures.
Macnica Networks will continue to strengthen our collaboration with NCI in order to fully utilize of our cyber security expertise and broad product lineup for the sake of NCI’s business.

Macnica Networks Corp.
Masahiro Miyabukuro
President and CEO

■NCI Corporation Service Information Page

■NCI Corporation Company Profile

Established January 9th, 1997
Representative Teruhide Hashimoto, President & CEO
Head Office 3-5, Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capitalization ¥100,000,000(as of the fiscal year ended March 2014)
Stockholders NISSHO ELECTRONICS 100%
Main Businesses Cloud Computing / Data Centers, Network Monitoring, System Management Services,
NCI(Nissho Cloud Initiative) began system management services in 1999, and have since then built a track record  operating over 5,000 system nodes. They opened their Ishikari Data Center in 2012, making a full-fledged entrance into the cloud computing business through establishment of their private cloud server, “ZETA Cloud.” Until now, their primary customers have been corporate entities.


Established February 24th, 1969
Representative Yahiro Kawamura, President & CEO
Head Office 3-5, Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capitalization ¥14,336,875,000 (as of the fiscal year ended March 2014)
Stockholders Sojitz 100%
Main Businesses IT equipment, IT solutions starting with infrastructure, as well as services such as system construction, security, operation, and monitoring,
NISSHO ELECTRONICS uses their network of overseas subsidiaries and Sojitz Group companies to obtain the latest ICT technologies from around the world. They then use their technical prowess built upon experience and operating know-how, as well as their eye for innovation, to fit those technologies to the Japanese market and provide a total solution and service package to meet their customers' needs.

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