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Sojitz to Expand Automobile Sales in the USA

-Shares of BMW and MINI Dealerships Acquired-

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Apr. 30, 2014
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation, acting through Sojitz Corporation of America, acquired 100% of the issued shares of Import Motors, Inc., an authorized dealership of BMW and MINI brand automobiles located in Concord, California, USA.

Since its establishment in 1974, Import Motors has been a prominent dealership with a solid customer base built through sales of BMW brand automobiles. In 2004, Import Motors became an authorized dealership of MINI brand automobiles.

Sojitz acquired 100% of the management rights of Weatherford Motors, Inc., an authorized BMW brand automobile dealership, currently located in Berkeley, California, in 1987, and since then has accumulated extensive sales experience and management expertise. Import Motors is located near Weatherford Motors and was a competitor in some areas.

With the acquisition of the Import Motors shares, Sojitz has established a two-location business base in the San Francisco Bay area and will seek to increase management efficiency and expand sales and services. Premium brand cars account for a higher percentage of the market in the San Francisco Bay area than in other regions, and it is a promising market expected to grow even further in the future.

Based on its many years of experience with Weatherford, Sojitz will reinforce its retail business in the USA automobile market, which is expected to undergo continuous growth over the medium to long term, and will take advantage of future growth opportunities.


             Map of California


              Import Motors Dealerships

Overview of Import Motors, Inc.

Established 1974
Location Concord, California, USA
Representative Luis Garcia
No. of employees Approximately 160
Main business Retail sale of the BMW and MINI brand automobiles
2013 sales results           Approximately 2,500 vehicles

Overview of Weatherford Motors, Inc.

Acquisition of management rights 1987 (acquired by former Nissho Iwai Corporation)
Location Berkeley, California, USA
Representative Luis Garcia
No. of employees Approximately 140
Main business Retail sale of the BMW brand automobiles
2013 sales results Approximately 2,000 vehicles

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