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Sojitz Machinery Begins Selling Top of the Line Forster Japan® Wine Cellars

-Flagship Model Accommodates 120 Bottles-

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Mar. 14, 2014
Sojitz Corporation
Sojitz Machinery Corporation

Sojitz Machinery Corporation will begin selling top of the line ST-407 LongFreshⓇForster Japan brand wine cellars April. LongFresh is a brand of wine cellars that has been the standard at first-class French restaurants and other eating and drinking establishments for more than a quarter century. The patented humidified circulation LongFresh system stores wine under optimal temperature and humidity conditions, permanently recreating the favorable environment of a wine cave without odor and is known as a breathing wine cellar.

The ST-407 Series that Sojitz Machinery will begin selling is the successor to the ST-405 Series. Production of the ST-405 Series in Switzerland was terminated, but there were strong demand for its revival. The ST-407 Series was developed specifically for manufacture in Japan.

As the top of the line LongFresh model currently available, the ST-407 Series maintains the key features of the 405 Series including the narrow depth of less than 60 centimeters and total capacity of approximately 120 bottles (based on standard Bordeaux-type regular bottles) stored in rows on individual shelves. The 407 Series keeps the durable feel of the 405 Series and is available with an unassuming brown wood grain exterior to match not only professional use and commercial applications such as eating and drinking establishments and small shops, but also household interiors for wine lovers.

In addition to the standard doors (ST-407, ST-407L) that block light for long-term maturation storage, single glass doors well-suited for the interior decoration of shops and homes (ST-407G, ST-407GL) and glass French doors that won’t block compact passageways when opening (ST-407FG II) are also available.

The interior shelves can be adjusted at any height on a 1.25 cm pitch, allowing for storage of some wider bottles. In addition, bottles can be arranged on angled shelves for high visibility display effects (no additional purchase required).

As a pioneer of wine cellar products, Sojitz Machinery Forster Japan Group will continue to undertake product development that meets the needs of wine lovers.

The Forster Japan LongFresh ST-407 Series



LongFresh ST-407 Series Functions and Features

☆ Can accommodate up to 120 Bordeaux-type regular bottles (146 Burgundy-type regular bottles).
☆ Compact dimension: within 60cm in depth.
☆ High-quality wood grain (rosewood) steel-plate body matches any interior design.
☆ Multi-function digital control unit. Temperature and other conditions can all be adjusted from the front panel.
☆ Ideal not only for wine storage and maturation, temperature can be set over a wide range from 6℃ to 20℃ for serving various types of wine.
☆ Built-in security features. When abnormal temperature occurs, a warning signal will sound.
☆ LED lamp in cabinet is soft lighting, and it can be switched on/off as you like.
☆ Hook-type wire racks allow for conventional horizontal storage as well as angled storage for high display effects. Shelf height can be adjusted on a 1.25 cm pitch to accommodate wider bottles.
☆ Auto-close door system prevents the door from being left open and gently closes on its own to prevent shock to the unit.
☆ Glass door models (ST-407G and 407FG II) use reinforced glass for full flat frameless specifications.
☆ Rapid-response maintenance system ensures peace of mind even after purchase (68 service sites nationwide).


Forster Japan (brand name)
Forster Japan brand wine cellars handled by Sojitz Machinery have an established track record in Japan of more than 25 years. The leading LongFresh products are the wine cellars of choice of professionals including sommeliers and restauranteurs.
Forster Japan and LongFresh are registered trademarks of Sojitz Machinery.

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