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First Japanese Unveiling of Bombardier Regional Jet 'CRJ900'

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Jan. 19, 2007

Sojitz Corporation serves as the exclusive sales agent in Japan for Canadian Bombardier Regional and Business Aircraft. In respect of regional aircraft sales, the company has to date sold a combined total of 55 units of Q series propeller-driven aircraft and CRJ series jet airliners since receiving its first order in 1996 for 'Dash 8-Q100' aircraft for Ryukyu Air Commuter Co., Ltd.

Bombardier Regional Aircraft Sales Performance

    No. of units
Amakusa Airlines Co., Ltd. Dash8-Q100 1
Air Nippon Network Co., Ltd. Dash8-Q300/Q400 19
Oriental Air Bridge , Co., Ltd. Dash8-Q200 2
Japan Air Commuter Co., Ltd. Dash8-Q400 11
Ryukyu Air Commuter Co., Ltd. Dash8-Q100/Q300 5
Civil Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Dash8-Q300 1
Japan Coast Guard, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Dash8-Q300 3
IBEX Airlines Co., Ltd. CRJ100/200 4 CRJ200 4
J-Air Co., Ltd. CRJ200 9

The 'CRJ900' to be unveiled for the first time in Japan is the largest member of the CRJ family, which series boasts the largest share of the market for regional jets. Compared with the 50-seat jet class 'CRJ100' and 'CRJ200', both of which are already in operation in Japan, the 90-seat class CRJ 900 has the longer body and offers increased seating capacity. Further, the aircraft boasts low fuel consumption and high cruising performance.

The 'CRJ 900' has two General Electric CF34-8C5 engines, which give it a high maximum cruising speed of 881 km/h and a maximum range of 3,660 km. With a history of sales of 1,500 Bombardier CRJ series aircraft worldwide, orders have already been placed by various countries for over 200 units of the 'CRJ 900'.

In the US and Europe, regional jets are widely used as small airplanes providing connections between local cities and between remote islands; for domestic flight connections between local cities, and for short-distance international flights. Demand for economically efficient regional jets, which will realize a speeding up of transportation, is expected to grow in Japan.

Sojitz will focus its efforts on the sale of the Bombardier Q series and CRJ series regional aircraft so as to accommodate the needs of airline companies and to respond to the enhancement of passenger convenience.


Wingspan 24.85 m
Overall length 36.40 m
Overall height 7.51 m
Maximum cruising speed 881 km/h
Maximum range 3,660 km
Engine General Motor CF34-8C5

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