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Steel Plantech and Sojitz Receive An Order of Cold Leveller to be Installed at Plate Shop of ILVA under the Riva Group, Italy's Largest Steel Mills

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Dec. 26, 2006

JP Steel Plantech Co. (Head Office: Yokohama, Kanagawa; President: Yoshiyuki Fujiwara) and Sojitz Corporation have received an order from the Italy's largest integrated steel mills ILVA S. p. A. (Head Office: Milan, Italy), which is a key company under the Riva Group, for a cold leveller to be installed at plate shop at the ILVA Taranto Works that produce 10 million tons crude steels annually. The cold leveller is scheduled to start its operation in July 2008.

The cold leveller is installed on the roller table between accelerated cooling systems and the finishing line, to correct flatness defects on plates to be generated during rolling and accelerated cooling processes.

ILVA S. p. A. has decided to introduce a cold leveller at its Taranto Works in order to strengthen its competitiveness in global markets and to improve the quality of its core product, heavy plate for shipbuilding and oil- and gas-pipe lines.

The cold levellers supplied by Steel Plantech have the world's largest Levelling Force (7,200 tons; double than previous). Thanks to the patented technology, Dynamic Crowning Control, the cold leveler will be able to maintain roll gaps at an ideal distance during whole time of leveling, so that decreasing residual stress significantly as well as attaining perfect flatness throughout the surface of plate from the head to tail, and across the full width.

Steel Plantech's state of the art technologies with rich experiences and more than 30 years of trade between Sojitz and ILVA S. p. A. are highly appreciated, and have resulted in receipt of the subject order. With receipt of this order for a heavy-duty leveller from European Leading Steel Mills, Steel Plantech and Sojitz will further promote their global marketing strategies.

Cold Leveller/Main Specification

Type 4-High Cold Leveller, Reverse type
Plate thickness 8-50mm
Plate width 4,900mm
Levelling speed 15-60m/min
Separating force 7,200 tons

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