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Launch of New Type Suitcase 'TITAN X2'

Offering astonishing lightness and impact resistance, made from material used for astronaut helmets

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Jul. 6, 2006

Sojitz group company Sojitz General Merchandise Corporation (Sojitz GMC; Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kenji Koyama; wholly owned by Sojitz Corporation), which undertakes the sale of consumer goods, will commence sales of the 'TITAN X2' suitcase manufactured by German company Thomas Wagner GmbH. The 'TITAN X2' suitcase will be available from the middle of July at specialty bag stores and variety shops across the country. Sojitz GMC aims to sell 3,000 suitcases in the first year, and 5,000 in the second year.


The 'TITAN X2' has a body made from 100% polycarbonate, which is also used to make DVDs, CDs and the helmets worn by astronauts. Polycarbonate is an extremely light and impact-resistant engineering plastic (high-performance resin). Thomas Wagner GmbH formed the 'X2 project team' with up-and-coming designers invited from Germany, Sweden and the US, for the purpose of producing suitcases with futuristic designs, and has been focusing its efforts on the development of new products.

'TITAN X2' suitcases will come in two sizes; a medium-sized, 67cm tall unit with a capacity of 69 liters, for \29,400 (tax included), and a smaller, 53cm tall unit with a capacity of 35 liters, for \24,150 (tax included). Both types will be available in three colors; Black, Champaign and White.  


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