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Sales Commencement of "CAT PARADISE", a Print Terminal for Camera Phones

Jan. 18, 2003

TOKYO(January 18, 2003)--Nissho Iwai Corporation and Shinsho Corporation will commence sales of "CAT PARADISE", a digital print terminal that allows users to freely process images taken with camera phones and to print such images on stickers. Unlike printers that simply make prints of images taken, "CAT PARADISE" has a significant characteristic such that users can write text on the image and affix stamps to the background as though it were a game. In addition, this print terminal has an automatic retouching and enhancement function to beautify image-prints. Through the use of the various image-processing functions offered by "CAT PARADISE", anyone can produce original photographs in a simple manner.

In developing "CAT PARADISE", product planning was carried out jointly by Nissho Iwai, which has know-how in IT-related business marketing, and Shinsho Corporation, which has achieved satisfactory results in digital printer-based solutions. Sales of "CAT PARADISE" will commence from April, and the companies plan to place "CAT PARADISE" units in cellular phone shops, karaoke boxes, and amusement arcades across the country. Sales of approximately 5 billion yen, as an initial target, are expected over the next 3 years for 5,000 locations. 

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