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Nissho Iwai Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Receives Order for the Latest Automatic Control System from NOVOLIPETSK IRON & STEEL CORPORATION in Russia

Dec. 12, 2001

TOKYO(Dec.12, 2001)--Nissho Iwai Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation received an order for refurbishment construction of a "Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL)" control system, from NOVOLIPETSK IRON & STEEL CORPORATION, one of the three major steelworks in Russia. In 1980, the "MELPLAC-50" Programmable Controller (Mitsubishi) currently in use was delivered to the said steelworks, together with the CGL. As over 20 years have passed since the delivery of the current programmable controller, and it has become too old for use, a proposal was made to switch to a new system for efficiency improvement and to maintain stable operations, and an agreement has consequently been reached.

For this order, a Mitsubishi Programmable Controller "MELPLAC-2000" will be supplied. A programmable controller is, so to speak, the core of plant control, analyzing data sent from various appliances, and undertaking the responsibility for stable plant facility operations. The exceptional features of the "MELPLAC-2000" are that is has better data/information processing capabilities compared to conventional plant controllers, and that its open concept makes it highly extendable in future plant and equipment expansion. 

NOVOLIPETSK IRON & STEEL CORPORATION boasts the highest quality and the largest production volume of cold-rolled steel plate and coated steel in Russia. By galvanizing iron plate, CGL produces their major line product steel plate, which is strongly rust-resistant and has a long product life. Increased demand is expected for the steel plate produced by NOVOLIPETSK IRON & STEEL CORPORATION, which is both sold domestically and exported to overseas locations such as Asia, Europe and the United States, for automobiles and home electric appliances. 

Nissho Iwai and Mitsubishi Electric have been delivering steel-manufacturing equipment to the said steel works since 1970's, and have built an extremely close relationship with them. During the 1980's, the Continuous Annealing Line (CAL) and the Color Coating Line (CCL) were delivered, and the time has come to renew such control systems. Taking advantage of the opportunity to receive an order for the CGL control system, both Nissho Iwai and Mitsubishi Electric will make proposals to the said steelworks in order to receive further orders, as well as carrying out development of the Russian market, which is showing indications of recovery. 

About the three major steelworks in Russia
SEVERSTAL IRON & STEEL CORPORATION, MAGNITOGORSK IRON & STEEL CORPORATION, and NOVOLIPETSK IRON & STEEL CORPORATION, are the three major steelworks in Russia. The annual crude steel production volume of each company exceeds 7 million tons. NOVOLIPETSK IRON & STEEL CORPORATION especially attaches a great deal of importance on the production of cold-rolled steel plate and coated steel, and holds the top position in Russia for production of such, both in quality and quantity. 

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