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Nissho Iwai carries out a series of demonstration flights of the newest model aircraft "CRJ700" of Bombardier

Mar. 28, 2001

Nissho Iwai, which represents Bombardier Aerospace Inc. as its marketing and sales agent in Japan, has conducted demonstration flights of the newest model aircraft "CRJ700" of Bombardier Aerospace Inc. in many parts of Japan. An improvement on the CRJ100/200" series that had helped establish new standards of aviation speed, flight economy, and passenger comfort of the regional aircraft, the CRJ700 has been developed to meet airlines' needs for one with a significantly larger seating capacity of 70.

As the aircraft size is enlarged, there also are improvements in the engine efficiency, the layout of equipment in the body, the wing shapes, and in other respects as well, making it possible for the aircraft to cover a distance of up to 3,700 km (equivalent to the distance between Tokyo and Hong Kong) at a maximum cruising speed of Mach 0.82. Highly reputed for its successful combination of good economy and excellent functionality, the CRJ700 has got orders for more than 480 units including some optional contracts.

As the marketing and sales agent in Japan for Bombardier Aerospace Inc., Nissho Iwai will make a creative marketing and promoting effort on its own for increased orders from domestic airlines, with which Nissho Iwai will cement more closer working alliances in the thought that regional flights and those between far-away islands will be increasingly frequent in Japan in months and yeas to come.  

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