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Nissho Iwai Group Portal Site For Recruiting Will Be Launched In December.

Jan. 3, 2001

As part of an effort to support the recruiting activities of the companies in the Nissho Iwai Group, Nissho Iwai Corporation will start, on December 1, "Tradepia.navi" ( as Nissho Iwai Group Recruiting Portal Site, which is designed to "help increase the value of the human resources in the group companies."

With the growing renewed recognition nowadays of the strategic importance of such human resources management as spans the whole companies of a business group, it is necessary that personnel strategies be worked out also in the area of recruiting to secure human resources of excellent capabilities for the business group. This newly launched group-wide recruiting site "Tradepia.navi"will serve to facilitate the most taxing initial stage, in the group companies' recruiting efforts, of amassing a population of candidates for recruiting. All job seekers interested in joining one of the group companies are to be entered in "Tradepia.navi" as Nissho Iwai Group Recruiting Portal Site. With this integration of the entries of job seekers into a single web site, this new group recruiting site helps build up a large, highly reliable database of a population of potential human resources for the group. This database containing various information on each of the all job seekers entered can be made available for common use shared by all the group companies.

This web site would benefit job seekers as the site where they can get one-stop access to the recruiting information of all the group companies, making it possible for them to know the diverse and extensive business operations of the Nissho Iwai Group and what business each of the group companies specializes in and how good a standing it has there.

In the meantime, each of the group companies would also benefit from the efficiency with which a complete population of candidates for recruiting can be amassed and from the ease with which each job applicant can be contacted for follow-up. Another benefit they get from this site is that they can significantly reduce the cost of keeping the recruiting data on their own since the NI Personnel Corporation shoulders the data base maintenance cost. That is, there are three benefits this site offers the group companies: they can share efficient use of a large population of job seekers; they can easily get in touch with each job seeker of the population; they can enjoy a significant reduction in the recruiting cost to have more attention and resources given to the rest of their recruiting effort. Over the years the NI Personnel Corporation has built up an accumulation of recruiting expertise, which, it believes, each of the group companies can rely on to help make their recruiting activity more efficient and more fitting.

While this newly created site is accessible to all the Nissho Iwai Group companies, 20 to 40 percent of the group companies are expected to make practical use of it for the first year.

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