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Nissho Electronics Corporation: Business Focusing on Collaboration Solutions for Zoom

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become an issue for companies, and the associated market has expanded rapidly. Nissho Electronics’ aim is to offer best-of-breed solutions centered around the Zoom platform to allow people to collaborate with one another. This includes sales of the DTEN D7 hardware kit for web conferencing, as well as chat, file sharing, and task management solutions such as the communication tool Slack.

Taking into account the requirements for speed in business in recent years, Nissho Electronics is also working to enable users to quickly solve problems that they encounter on their own, such as by posting Zoom usage instructions on the company’s website.




Yukiharu Matsugu
Manager, Section 3, Sales Department. 2, Sales Business Division
Nissho Electronics

Due to the unexpected COVID-19 situation, demand has expanded rapidly, and we are on track to reach our two-year plan ahead of schedule. We have received many words of appreciation from customers, and I feel that we are contributing to the sustainable growth of the world.

In the future, we will expand our product lineup, and we are preparing a system to provide the optimal solutions for each company.

(Job titles and organizations reflect those at the time of the article’s publication.)
September 2020

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