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PT. Digitalinstincts Teknologi: Providing Home Monitoring Services in Deltamas City, Indonesia

PT. Digitalinstincts Teknologi (DIT), an Indonesian IT company with which Sojitz has concluded a capital and business tie-up, is the developer of Traxia Solace, a tablet-based home monitoring service that incorporates IoT technology. The company began offering the service to hotels in Deltamas City, a comprehensive urban development near Jakarta.

With Traxia Solace, hotel guests can contact a 24-hour call center in the event of an emergency with a one-tap video call function (call center operators are not medical professionals). The company is also considering introducing a shopping and delivery service so guests can order materials or food from nearby restaurants and supermarkets.

As demand for "touchless" interactivity is increasing in various aspects of life due to the impact of COVID-19, the company plans to add telehealth and on-site support from medical professionals.




Yuzo Kuboyama
PT. Digitalinstincts Teknologi

After the release of the platform, there has been a positive response not only within Indonesia, but also in other Southeast Asian countries and Japan. Because it’s so simple to connect to various people via video with a single tap, the service is extremely versatile and can be used in a widerange of situations. Our company will strive to meet the world’s needs, whether it’s in medical care, nursing care, tourism, security, education, or other fields.

(Job titles and organizations reflect those at the time of the article’s publication.)
September 2020

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