Sojitz Corporation


Video Introduction to Sojitz

Company Presentation

The video comes in two versions with different 60-seconds lead-ins.
In the first, “Sojitz Connects the World,” Sojitz is depicted as an arrow of light, shooting across the world alongside our customers. The second lead-in, “Sojitzers’ Passion,” shows employees on-site at the places where they work.
After the intro, the video goes on to introduce the history of our company, touching on each of our industries—“Agriculture & Foods,” “Energy,” etc.—in turn.

  • Sojitzers' Passion+ PR video


  • Sojitz Connects the World+ PR video


Hassojitz Project File

For Sojitz, new value comes from new ways of thinking. Our new “Hassojitz” ad campaign—named after a cross between the Japanese word for idea (hasso) and our company name—shows how Sojitz is a company that transforms new ideas into business. In this series, we introduce Sojitz businesses seeking to change the world with their hasso, alongside stories from actual employees.

  • [Vietnam] Retail Foods Project


Project File

This video presents the efforts of Sojitz Group employees onsite at projects.

Project file 01.
Overseas Industrial Park Project

3min. 35sec.

Project file 02.
Minerva Coal Mine Project

1min. 47sec.

Project file 03.
Oman IPP Project

2min. 7sec.

Project file 04.
Indonesia Methanol Project

1min. 53sec.

Project file 05.
Fertilizer Project

1min. 48sec.

Project file 06.
India Railway Project

2min. 07sec.

Project file 07.
Delta,as City Project

3min. 54sec.

Project file 08.
Vietnam Food Project

4min. 30sec.

Project file 09.
Vietnam Infrastructure Project

4min. 26sec.

Project file 10.
Hospital Project in Turkey

2min. 55sec.

A look at Sojitz' s history

History of Sojitz Corporation

7min. 5sec.

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