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Atlas Fertilizer Corporation speaks at IFA Crossroads 2018

January 2019

Atlas Fertilizer Corporation (AFC), a wholly-owned Sojitz subsidiary and the Philippines’ leading fertilizer manufacturer, participated in the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference held in Singapore.

The conference was attended by some 400 delegates from all over the world. Mr. Takashi Sumi, AFC President & CEO, is currently an elected director of the 23-member IFA Board from around the world. During the conference, he gave a presentation about the Philippine fertilizer industry, and its expected future progress.

One of the highlighted points he talked about was the advancements in technology transfer and farmer training pioneered by AFC, which has improved harvest yield and profitability of farmers. Mr. Sumi emphasized the importance of private sector partnerships with government and research institutions as key factors in industry development. Borne from these partnerships are AFC’s wide use of technology accessible through mobile & browser apps, which provides accurate and precise fertilizer recommendations anywhere in the country without additional cost to Filipino farmers. AFC also regularly holds seminars on farming technologies.


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