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Scholarships Awarded to Junior High and High School Students in Da Nang, Vietnam

October 2018

At a ceremony on August 28th, Sojitz awarded scholarships (totaling approximately USD 30,000) to 240 junior and high school students in Da Nang, Vietnam. This was Sojitz’s first time distributing scholarships in central Vietnam, following similar scholarship programs in the south (Dong Nai) and north (Hanoi). Members of the People’s Council of Da Nang City attended the event, with President & CEO for Asia & Oceania Ryutaro Hirai and Sojitz Vietnam President Hironori Tateiri present on behalf of Sojitz.

One of Sojitz Corporation’s employees, originally from Vietnam, also attended the ceremony as a guest speaker. Recalling the ceremony, she said, “I felt like I was looking at my own past, 20 years ago. I think that the children who received this scholarship will remember the name ‘Sojitz.’ In Vietnam, we say that ‘children are the future,’ and I believe that if Sojitz continues to connect with the future leaders of Vietnam like this, it will lead to future growth for Sojitz in my country.”

Sojitz believes “interpersonal connection” should be an important part of our efforts to contribute to society. We will continue to provide educational support and conduct other initiatives which directly impact the lives of people throughout the world.


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