From the Seas to the Skies ~A Manga Telling the Story of Sojitz’s Aircraft Business~

The Mission of Kaiser Takahata

During his days as the London branch chief of Suzuki & Co., Seiichi Takahata adopted an aggressive business strategy in his dealings with the the British Empire and worked alongside Naokichi Kaneko and others to make Suzuki & Co. the No.1 general trading company in Japan.
Seiichi Takahata was one of the first people in Japan to anticipate the era of aviation. Takahata’s insight stemmed from his own experience with German air raids during World War I in London. Unfortunately, the path to having private enterprises enter the aircraft business during peacetime was long and filled with obstacles.
Sojitz carries on the pioneering work that Takahata championed in the trade industry. As we approach the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paraolympics, the aircraft industry continues to expand in new directions as Sojitz plans to fly further afield.