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Japan's aviation industry re-emerged around 60 years ago, after the end of WWII.
Sojitz is proud to be the leading general trading company in the aviation field,
engaged not only in supplying airplanes from abroad to Japan, but also in a wide range of businesses covering leasing,
used aircraft, parts, in-flight equipment, airport duty-free stores and facilities,
and even businesses in the security sector, including defense.
Come along for a journey through SOJITZ IN THE SKY.

  • Sojitz's Flying Journey

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At the Airport


After check-in and before getting on the airplane, all passengers must pass through security. Sojitz Aerospace provides around 70% of the metal detectors used by transportation security officers at airports in Japan, and if you look closely, you can even spot the Sojitz logo on some of the detectors. Sojitz Pla-net supplies STEBs (security tamper-evident bags) that prove a liquid was purchased from a safe location, as well as the materials used to manufacture duty-free bags, fashion bags, and other packaging materials.
Furthermore, Sojitz is developing its expertise in the security industry, providing security gates for the entrances to embassies and government-associated facilities.
With the Tokyo Olympics approaching, strengthening of security has become a national issue. Sojitz is contributing to the safety of Japan's skies by implementing the most cutting-edge equipment.

At the Airport

Management of Airport Stores and Duty-free Shops

We all look forward to shopping when we go to the airport. The Sojitz Group company JALUX, through its brand " BLUE SKY", has developed stores at 27 airports throughout Japan, selling souvenirs and other products. JALUX has also opened the airport duty-free shops "JAL DUTYFREE" in Japan and "JALUX DUTYFREE VIETNAM" in Vietnam. Their diverse product lineup is very popular among both Japanese customers and foreign visitors to Japan.


In the Airplane Cabin

You get on the airplane and a cabin attendant guides you to your seat. You sit down, skim through the in-flight magazine, and begin to relax. The lights dim after takeoff, so you switch on the LED light for reading. Once up in the sky, the carts of food and drink come down the aisle. The meal fills you up, and after a bit you head to the restroom. Even this very familiar scene inside the aircraft has touches of Sojitz's handiwork. Sojitz provides the cart to carry the food, coffee maker, refrigerator, and toilet. In addition to the planning, procurement and after-sales service of inflight sales products, JALUX plans and manages the inflight mail-order magazine.

On the Runway

Exclusive Sales Representative of The Boeing Company, Commercial Airplanes

For Japan as an island nation, aircraft are an indispensable means of transportation that reduce the time and effort of traveling from one place to another. Since 1956, Sojitz has engaged as the sole representative of Boeing’s commercial airplane and supported Boeing to sell and deliver their aircraft to Japanese airlines. The very first order for a Boeing aircraft by a Japanese airline dates back to B727 in 1964 when airlines in Japan were seeking “faster” aircraft.

“Faster.” “More Comfortable.” “Farther.” As the needs for aircraft evolved, Sojitz supported both Boeing and Japanese airlines to develop and introduce new aircraft with innovative solutions. As a result, the market share of Boeing aircraft in Japan once reached over 90%. In 2011, the B787, which incorporated the input of Japanese airlines and used many parts supplied by Japanese manufacturers, was delivered to a Japanese airline, making them the first customer in the world to operate a B787.

Sojitz will continue to support Boeing and Japanese airlines to create comfort in the sky.

On the Runway

Sales Representative of Bombardier Inc., Canada

Based on Japan's unique geography, there is demand for domestic transportation using aircraft which demonstrate the reliable performance necessary for high-frequency operation. To address such demands, Sojitz has engaged in the sale of regional aircraft manufactured by Bombardier Inc. since 1978.

More than 70 of Bombardier’s aircraft characterized by speed, profitability, and comfort for passengers are operated across Japan’s regions and remote island routes. The need for such regional aircraft is expected to increase in Japan.

In addition to sales of commercial aircraft to Japanese airlines, Sojitz has contributed to Japan’s maritime safety and security by delivering Bombardier’s mission aircraft to the Japan Coast Guard, an organization under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

On the Runway

Supplying Foreign Pilots

The trend in the aviation industry these days is multi-destination and high-frequency, and more convenient and lower cost travels are available. In response to this trend, airlines in the world expanded the use of single-aisle aircraft which carries 120 to 200 passengers. As a result, airline industry currently faces the shortage of pilots.

In order to ensure that the skies remain safe, Sojitz with experience and long history in the aircraft sales has invested in a pilot supply company who recruits the highly-skilled pilots around the world and supplies them to Japanese airlines after training the candidates to meet the high requirements of Japanese airlines. This company has supplied more than 200 pilots to Japanese airlines so far.

On the Runway

Full Flight Simulator and Training Center

In addition to the sale of aircraft, Sojitz engages in various supports to Japanese airlines for their safe and efficient operations.To support from the operational perspective, Sojitz serves as sales representative for a simulator manufacturer, conducts sales, installation, and after-support of full flight simulators, and engages in a training business worldwide.

On the Runway

Leasing Business

Sojitz has developed the Leasing Business Section to provide support to both lessors (owners of commercial aircraft) and airlines (users of commercial aircraft).Through our 30 years in the business, the Leasing Business Section has developed a wide range of services to meet the needs of its customers such as acquisition of new and used aircraft; financing; possession; maintenance; aircraft lease management; and remarketing.

In recent years, the aviation industry has been growing exponentially, spurred by strong economic growth amongst developing nations and a surge of low-cost carriers. With continued strong growth expected in the aviation industry, the Leasing Business Section strives to capitalize on this opportunity to further expand its businesses.

On the Runway

Defense and Disaster Response Industries

Sojitz also handles equipment for disaster response, leveraging its expertise in airplane and defense-related businesses. Sojitz supplied one of its prefabricated bridges after a bridge collapsed in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Furthermore, after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, Sojitz provided the unmanned robot, manufactured by iRobot, at no cost.

We supported the introduction of the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle and McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II to Japan as a way to manage national security issues. As the representative for Boeing, Sojitz is working on a program to sustain and modernize F-15 Eagles.

On Board a Business Jet

On Board a Business Jet

Private jets are becoming more and more common as a business tool for company owners, upper management of major companies, and other business executives. These jets provide direct access to leisure facilities throughout the world, making it possible to fly to locations not covered by standard airlines. By catering to the schedule and needs of the customer, business jets offer a level of reliability and flexibility surpassing that of even first class. Through its long history as a sky concierge, Sojitz has not only sold business jets, but has also invested in operating companies and charter sales companies. Sojitz provides an integrated service, incorporating everything from consulting on how to put aircrafts into use, to establishing and managing operations and maintenance systems, operating air charters, and selling aircrafts. Considered a pioneer of Asia, Sojitz has sold, in total, over 10,000 hours of charter flights.

Part-out Business

Part-out Business

For our used aircraft and part-out business, we manage and resell commercial planes worn-down from years of use, and also disassemble aircraft no longer used as commercial planes. We then sell these used parts, at a price competitive to their newer counterparts, to aviation industry players such as airline companies and aircraft maintenance companies. Sojitz is currently expanding this business in the U.S. and Europe, the world's two largest commercial aircraft markets. This business requires the ability to discern the value of aircraft intended for recycling or reuse. Through our many years working in a wide variety of aviation businesses, we at Sojitz have developed a unique expertise in the aircraft business and built a network in Japan and overseas.

In Seattle

Boeing and Supplying of Parts

Boeing is the world's largest company of the aircraft industry, with the highest total sales among U.S. export companies. The Boeing Everett Factory, located in Seattle, is 89 times the size of Tokyo Dome stadium. The building is certified by Guinness World Records as the largest factory in the world—and it lives up to this reputation. Sojitz sends employees on overseas assignment to Seattle to serve as a bridge between Boeing, Japanese heavy industry companies, parts/components manufacturers, and airlines. In this way, Sojitz is pursuing a number of new, ambitious initiatives in this field.
Sojitz also connects Boeing with Japan's aviation industry. A majority of the aircraft parts assembled at the factory are made in Japan.

In Aerospace

In the Aerospace Field

Sojitz is also very involved in the aerospace industry. One of our business fields is high-tech satellite equipment, including Japan's world famous H-IIA rocket. We are contributing to the creation of various cutting-edge businesses as well as to the information industry, including software and hardware.
The Sojitz Group logistics company, Sojitz Logistics Corporation, delivers cargo for spacecraft resupply. This high precision work puts to use the company's many years of experience shipping and packaging for heavy goods and precision machine equipment.


With inbound tourism predicted to grow as we approach the Tokyo Olympics, the number of aircrafts operating in Japan is also expected to rise. Furthermore, the total global number of aircrafts is predicted to double over the next 20 years due to an increase in air passengers—a trend stemming from rising income levels in Asia and developing countries, the proliferation of low cost airlines known as LCCs, and increased demand for small aircrafts with high fuel efficiency. Additionally, we expect a higher demand for used aircrafts and an expansion of the overall market for parts used in aircraft maintenance.

We are striving to create new clusters of revenue by engaging in the commercialization of airports inside and outside of Japan, further developing various business fields that put to use the unique functions of a general trading company. Concretely, these business developments include increasing revenue from commercial spaces within airports, creating monitoring and management systems using ICT, managing duty-free stores, developing surrounding real estate, and expanding our hotel and tourism businesses. Sojitz is examining opportunities for new business primarily in greater Asia. The area boasts an expansive market and large population, and work to privatize the aviation sector is expected to accelerate.