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Hassojitz (Sojitz + Ideas) Contest!
Held in the fall of 2019, this contest sought to create new public advertisements from innovative ideas submitted by employees from throughout Sojitz Group. Here are some of the unique, forward-thinking ideas that our employees contributed!

A garbage-sorting robot

A robot that can answer all garbage-sorting questions and shares fun environmental trivia

Employees know the rules for separating trash in their respective residential districts. However, people may be confused when it comes to the office rules. If a robot were placed in the sorting area to answer any questions about miscellaneous garbage items then Sojitz’s recycling rate would likely reach close to 100%.

Yuki Iida
Sojitz Foods Corporation

Using fitness equipment to generate electricity

Using fitness machines that generate electricity, we can power the company while helping employees get in shape

I thought that it would be nice to generate even a small amount of energy as opposed to just being a consumer of resources. Are the IT innovations that make our lives easier actually causing humans to regress? Is it OK for us to continue down this path in which our functions are diminished?
At the same time, I also felt a strong desire to focus on staying healthy. These two ideas fused to form my idea for the contest.

Kyoko Oono
Planning & Administration Sect.
Retail & Lifestyle Business Division

A floating baby stroller

A baby stroller with droneequipped wheels could make family outings much more pleasant and fun

As the father of two children (an infant and 2-year-old toddler), my wife and I never leave the house without the stroller if we’re going out as a family. I was struck by the number of places around the city where you have to physically carry the stroller to get from Point A to Point B, which is extremely inconvenient. I came up with this Hassojitz idea by asking myself what kinds of inventions could benefit this generation of parents looking to get around similar difficulties.

Kazuya Kishida
Electro & Functional Materials Dept.

Space farming

Developing farming techniques to provide a stable source of food for life in space

In the near future, I imagine living on the moon will be an exciting new possibility. In this scenario, solving the problem of food becomes essential. Producing food in the extreme environment of space would require technological developments that make it possible to farm using limited resources. This type of technology could also even be applied to solve food-supply issues not only in Japan but around the world.

Yuma Komagata
Controller Office
(Foods & Agriculture Business, Retail & Lifestyle Business, Industrial Infrastructure & Urban Development)

Virtual medicine

Receive medical advice from an AI doctor at home and even get surgery by a robot controlled remotely

I thought virtual medicine might pose a solution to today’s overworked doctors, the shortage of doctors in rural areas, rising medical costs, and other issues that we are facing as a society. Particularly in the medical field, I often feel there are many areas in which technology can play a complementary role. By aiming to raise efficiency, we can work towards reducing the burden on healthcare workers, improving hospital management, and lowering medical costs.

Dai Saito
Forest Products Dept.

A Dokodemo Window! (“A Window to the World”)

Sparking communication around the world through interconnected live-cam displays

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have large-screen displays in parks and shopping malls showing live streams from other countries around the world?! With experience growing up in both the U.S. and China, I learned how fun (and sometimes how difficult) it can be to interact with people from different countries. After becoming a father last year, I was inspired to give the next generation a means of cultural exchange.

Shengbin Ding
Business Innovation Office

A smart wellness city

A healthcare business that makes it possible for city residents to lead healthy, safe, fulfilling, and prosperous lives

I came to this idea from a desire to go beyond simple products and technology-related transactions. My own business vision and ideal centers around city planning and the process of creating culture. This idea is based on the content that I presented at training for first-year employees organized by the Chemicals Dept.

Tsubasa Yokoyama
Specialty Chemicals Dept.

Note: Employees’ departmental affiliations are listed as they were at the time of the contest

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A Floating Baby Stroller

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An Inclusive 100-member Family

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