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Cikarang Japanese School Opens in Deltamas City

Cikarang Japanese School held its opening ceremony and entrance ceremony for its inaugural class on April 18th. The elementary and junior high school is located in Deltamas, the comprehensive urban development project that Sojitz is developing in Indonesia. Attendees of the ceremonies included Sojitz Indonesia President Hirofumi Takeda, as well as the parents of children and others involved in the school’s establishment.

While an increasing number of Japanese companies are moving into the outlying areas of Deltamas City, the only Japanese school until now was located in Jakarta. This meant that many Japanese expats overseas with their families were forced to contend with long, traffic-riddled commutes. Sojitz first began assisting the Japanese community in 2015 in their efforts to establish a Japanese school in the city. Going forward, they plan to reinvigorate the local community.

The school principal speaks at the entrance ceremony

Front gate of Cikarang Japanese School

June 2019

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