Sojitz Corporation


Warning regarding Sojitz Employee Impersonation Fraud

Recently, a number of cyber and telephone scams have been reported in which criminals impersonate Sojitz Group employees and contact our business partners to unlawfully obtain business information or swindle money.  

Please be advised that any suspicious emails or phone calls received may be part of a scam involving the impersonation of Sojitz Group employees. We ask that you exercise caution and understand that Sojitz Group is in no way associated with these fraudulent communications. The following examples highlight some of the common features of these cyber and telephone scams.      

 [Telephone impersonation scams]
A scammer will impersonate a Sojitz Group employee on the telephone and attempt to find out important business information or transaction-related information from Sojitz Group business partners.

 [Email impersonation scams]
-Emails are sent from a free email service that includes “Sojitz” in the address, or a similar string of letters (、
-Emails include the names of real Sojitz employees or the Sojitz logo without permission
-Emails include malware links to infect the recipient’s computer with a virus
If you receive a suspicious email of this nature, delete the email and do not reply or open any attachments.


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