1)Personnel Reassignments

   DIRECTORS (as of 1st of April) (5)

Representative Director Hidetoshi Nishimura
Representative Director Kunihide Izumi
Representative Director Keijiro Hori
Director Yutaka Kase
Director Kenichi Minami

  CORPORATE AUDITORS (as of 1st of April) (3)

Toma Masaoka
Joji Wada
Masaji Shinagawa

  EXECUTIVE OFFICERS (as of 1st of April) (18)

President & CEO Hidetoshi Nishimura  
Senior Managing Executive Officer Kunihide Izumi President, Aerospace Company
Senior Managing Executive Officer Teruo Matsumura President & CEO, Nissho Iwai American Corporation
Senior Managing Executive Officer Kazuo Sekikawa General Manager, Group Management Unit
Senior Managing Executive Officer Hiroyuki Tanabe President, Energy & Mineral Resouces Company
Senior Managing Executive Officer Keijiro Hori General Manager, Corporate Administration Unit
Managing Executive
Katsutoshi Matsui General Manager for China
Managing Executive
Yasuyuki Fujishima Nissho Iwai Research Institute;
General Manager, New Business Unit
Managing Executive
Eisuke Takakuwa General Manager, Management Support Group and Legal & Credit Group, Nissho Iwai Professional Services, Ltd.
Managing Executive
Hiroshi Kanematsu General Manager for Asia
Managing Executive
Yutaka Kase President, Chemicals & Housing Materials Company;
Corporate Planning Unit
Executive Officer Kazunori Teraoka President, Machinery Company
Executive Officer Eiji Okawa Finance
Executive Officer Nobuaki Ito President, Foods & Consumer Products Company
Executive Officer Toshimasa Dohi President, Construction & Urban Development Company
Executive Officer Jun Matsumoto General Manager for Europe & Africa;
Managing Direcotor, Nissho Iwai Europe plc.
Executive Officer Yoji Sato General Manager, Corporate Planning Unit
Executive Officer Shuhei Inoue