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Sojitz Makes Additional Investment in DNA Synthesis Start-up Synplogen Co., Ltd.

– Accelerating Biomanufacturing Initiatives –

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Mar. 2, 2023
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) will make an additional investment in DNA synthesis start-up Synplogen Co., Ltd., (Head Office: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture; Representative Director & CEO: Kazuhiko Yamamoto; “Synplogen”) through a third-party allotment of shares.

Following an initial investment in November 2021, Sojitz has now made an additional investment in support of Synplogen’s business to accelerate biomanufacturing*¹ initiatives.

Synplogen is a Kobe University-based biotech start-up company established in 2017. Synplogen possesses sophisticated long-chain DNA synthesis technology, which has a wide range of applications. The company provides services including the design, development, and analysis of viral vectors*² that serve as a blueprint for gene therapy treatments. Synplogen’s DNA synthesis technology is also utilized to produce non-fossil fuel derived chemicals, biofuel, and proteins, which contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Synplogen strives to provide treatment for hard-to-cure diseases and realize a decarbonized society, and the company’s biotechnology is highly anticipated to generate other forms of social and economic value in the future.

Funds raised will go towards capital investment in cutting-edge research equipment and increasing R&D staff at Synplogen’s Kobe R&D center.

Sojitz has deep historical ties to Kobe as the city where the company was first founded. Moving forward, Sojitz will continue to collaborate with Kobe University-based start-ups and other companies to focus on the bio and life science field.

*1: Biomanufacturing: Production utilizing microorganisms created through recombinant DNA technology
*2: Viral vectors: Viruses that deliver genetic material to target cells for DNA transfection

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