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Notice Regarding Discontinuation of Password-protected Files at Sojitz Group

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Dec. 1, 2022
Sojitz Corporation

As of April 1, 2023, Sojitz Group will discontinue the use of password-protected files (ZIP format, etc.) for all emails received to work-related email accounts in order to ensure IT security. Sojitz Group employees will therefore no longer be able to receive password-protected files. We ask for the understanding and cooperation of our business partners and affiliated organizations as we make this change.

Password-protected files are encrypted and therefore difficult to screen for malware. Instances of password-protected files being used in malicious attacks have been confirmed worldwide, including as an infection route for Emotet, a fast-growing malware strain. We have also seen instances of this type of email attack at Sojitz Group.

In light of these circumstances, we have chosen to completely discontinue use of password-protected files in an effort to strengthen the IT security of both Sojitz Group and of our business partners.

We ask that you please consult with your contacts at Sojitz for details on file sharing methods at Sojitz Group.

[For questions regarding this notice, contact:]
Sojitz Corporation Public Relations Dept. +81-3-6871-3404

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