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Royal Holdings, Sojitz, and Tastable Collaborate to Offer New “NIKUVEGE” Plant-based Meat Menu from July 20th at Royal Host

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Jul. 20, 2022
Sojitz Corporation
Tastable Co., Ltd.

Sojitz, Royal Holdings, and Unitec Foods*¹ concluded a strategic business tie-up on January 20th, 2022, with the aim of delivering quality-guaranteed NIKUVEGE plant-based meat products at competitive prices to consumers around the world.

As the first step in this launch, all Royal Host restaurants*² will begin offering a new NIKUVEGE dish from July 20th as a permanent item on its menu.




Royal Host will begin offering a Thai-style spicy rice plate with NIKUVEGE meat, which is prepared as a Thai-style stir-fry that pairs perfectly with white rice. The dish is served as a one-plate meal with a side salad. Please visit a Royal Host location to enjoy this new plant-based dish.

Moving forward, all three companies will cooperate together to provide quality-guaranteed, delicious menus to customers while addressing social issues through new solutions.

*1: Sojitz Corporation, Royal Holding Co., Ltd., and Unitec Foods Co., Ltd. concluded a strategic business alliance on January 20th, 2022. Tastable, an owned subsidiary of Unitec Foods Co., Ltd., is engaged in the business of processed products including the plant-based meat NIKUVEGE.

*2: Available at all locations, excluding hospitals and airport restaurants.

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