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Sojitz Concludes Agreement with Osaka Prefecture

- Granting Privileges for Companies Moving into Sojitz Industrial Parks in Vietnam and Indonesia -

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Sep. 12, 2019
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) has concluded an agreement with Osaka Prefecture, which calls for greater support to be given to companies in Osaka Prefecture when moving into industrial parks operated by Sojitz in Vietnam and Indonesia.


[Overview of the Agreement]

The agreement calls for these parties to cooperate on helping companies expand overseas. Osaka Prefecture will provide information to companies within Osaka Prefecture looking to expand overseas, by holding seminars promoting overseas investment by Japanese companies and organizing on-site visits to Sojitz’s industrial parks. Meanwhile, Sojitz will provide these companies with special treatment when moving into one of Sojitz’s industrial parks, including privileges with regards to rent for rental factories.

Sojitz has already concluded similar agreements with Gunma Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, and Kobe City and Hyogo Economic Development Center. Sojitz will continue to support the overseas expansion of companies in Japan, as well as contribute to the economic development of Vietnam and Indonesia.

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Overview of the Preferential Treatment Mechanism

Target:Companies with their headquarters/manufacturing bases in Osaka Prefecture


Overview of Industrial Parks

(1)Long Duc Industrial Park(Vietnam)
 Location:Long Thanh, Dong Nai, Vietnam(40km east from central Ho Chi Minh City)
 Total Area:Approx.270ha



(2)Greenland International Industrial Center(GIIC)(Indonesia)
 Location:Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia(45km east from central Jakarta)
 Total Area:Approx. 1,700ha



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