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Sojitz Sponsors Japan Blind Football Association to Support Parasports

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Nov. 1, 2018
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) has concluded a partnership agreement with NPO Japan Blind Football Association (Head Office: Shinjuku; President: Shiro Shiojima; “JBFA”).

Based on this partnership agreement, Sojitz will provide support for blind soccer, which will be one of the events at Paralympics. Sojitz will also become a corporate partner for “Spo-iku”* a program for elementary and middle school students organized by JBFA to help promote diversity education in Japan. Sojitz hopes its sponsorship will support the development of the next generation of talent for Japan.

Additionally, Sojitz plans to send employees as volunteers to JBFA-run tournaments and their blind soccer simulation program into its in-house training, as part of the Sojitz Group’s social contribution activities and efforts to educate employees about diversity.

In accordance with its Corporate Statement and Key Sustainability Issues (Materiality), Sojitz Group will take on initiatives that contribute to local communities, respect for human rights, environmental preservation, sustainable use of resources, and the promotion of diversity.

Sojitz will support JBFA’s vision of realizing an inclusive society in which disabled and non-disabled individuals can live in unity, as part of Sojitz’s larger efforts to build a society that is strengthened by diversity.

* A diversity education program for elementary and middle school children, in which children play sports blindfolded with visually impaired persons. The program is designed to help kids learn to respect differences, value communication, and better understand how the world is experienced with a visual impairment.

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