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Mitsubishi Estate, Kokuba-Gumi, and Sojitz to Invest in Shimojishima Airport Management, a Passenger Terminal Management Company

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Jul. 23, 2018
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Kokuba-Gumi Co., Ltd.
Sojitz Corporation
Shimojishima Airport Management Co., Ltd.

Through a partial transfer of shares conducted this July, Kokuba-Gumi Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Naha, Okinawa; Representative Director: Tetsuya Tamaki; “Kokuba-Gumi”) and Sojitz Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Masayoshi Fujimoto; “Sojitz”) have made an investment into Shimojishima Airport Management Co., Ltd. (“SAMCO”), a new company established in January of this year by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Executive President: Junichi Yoshida; “Mitsubishi Estate”). This joint investment between Mitsubishi Estate, Kokuba-Gumi, and Sojitz will be used by SAMCO for its business managing the new passenger terminal at Shimojishima Airport.

Mitsubishi Estate is currently working on a project to install new passenger terminal facilities, handle international and domestic passengers, and receive private jets at Shimojishima Airport (Miyakojima, Okinawa). They established Shimojishima Airport Management as a venture to manage and administrate the new passenger terminal.

Meanwhile, Kokuba-Gumi is a major construction company in Okinawa, with a wealth of expertise in airport management/air safety acquired together with its subsidiary Shimojishima Airport Facility Co., Ltd., and Sojitz is a trading company with experience in business jets and a broad overseas network. Through Kokuba-Gumi and Sojitz’s participation in this project, SAMCO aim to create an airport both more closely linked with the local community and connected to the world abroad.

Mitsubishi Estate, Kokuba-Gumi, and Sojitz will work together through SAMCO to prepare for the opening of Shimojishima Airport’s passenger terminal in spring 2019, helping further stimulate the economy of the Miyako Islands and Okinawa as a whole.

Shimojishima Airport Management Co., Ltd. – Company Overview

Head Office 1727, Sawada, Irabu, Miyako-shi, Okinawa
Established January 24th, 2018
Purpose Airport management and operations; sales of foods, drinks, and other goods inside the airport, etc.
Total Capitalization JPY 300 million
Representative Director Kentaro Tomono

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