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Sojitz Joins Subaru Dealership Business in Russia

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Feb. 13, 2018
Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) established two Subaru-brand auto dealership companies in Russia—U Service Sunrise LLC (“USL”) in Moscow, the capital of  the country, and Center Sunrise LLC (“CSL”) in Saint Petersburg, the country’s second largest city.

Sojitz began exporting Subaru vehicles to Russia in 1992, later establishing Moscow-based Subaru Motor LLC in 2000. Through this exclusive Subaru-brand import and distributorship company, Sojitz has acquired many years of experience selling Subaru vehicles and related auto parts in the country.

USL and CSL are joint ventures established in cooperation with two of Subaru Motor’s oldest dealership partners. As such, both ventures will have access to these companies’ networks, totaling 12 show-rooms, and will inherit both their current staff and customer bases. Sojitz will use this to add retail to its existing Subaru wholesale business, aiming for greater sales and better service.


[USL’s Flagship Show-room]

Related Information:

Company Overview – U Service Sunrise LLC

Established December 2017
Head Office Moscow, Russia
Representative Director Lev Sokolov
Shareholders Sojitz Corporation   - 75.0%
U Service + LLC         - 25.0%
Main Business Dealership for Subaru-brand vehicles
Number of Show-rooms 3

Company Overview – Center Sunrise LLC

Established September 2017
Head Office Saint Petersburg, Russia
Representative Director Vladislav Chernyshev
Shareholders Sojitz Corporation社 - 51.0%
UCC LLC                  - 49.0%
Main Business Dealership for Subaru-brand vehicles
Number of Show-rooms 9

Company Overview – Subaru Motor LLC

Established May 2000
Head Office Moscow, Russia
Representative Director Yoshiki Kishimoto
Shareholders Sojitz Corporation   -65.6%
Subaru Corporation     -33.4%
U Service + LLC        -1.0%
Main Business Import and wholesale of Subaru-brand vehicles and related parts

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