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Sojitz Building Materials Begins Sale of the Teretek Resin Injection Solution, a Subsidence Solution and Ground Improvement Technology

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Jul. 21, 2017
Sojitz Corporation
Sojitz Building Materials Corporation

Sojitz Building Materials Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tetsuya Onishi; “Sojitz Building Materials”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”), will begin sales of the ground improvement contractor Mainmark Co., Ltd.’s (Head Office: Edogawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Futoshi Kawaguchi; “Mainmark Co.”) patented Teretek subsidence solution and ground improvement technology.

The Teretek solution is a ground improvement construction process to address ground deformation that can occur due to age or earthquake-related damage. It works by injecting a special resin into the ground or subfloor to inflate unlevel building ground and warped or dented flooring. The concentrated resin solution used in the process has been tested for environmental pollutants and its compatibility with environmental standards and concentrations (capacity: approx. 15 tons per 1 square meter) have been certified.

In the past, if a factory or shop building showed signs of a sinking foundation or warped and/or dented flooring, it was common carry out a full building renovation or major flooring repair work during which the affected business would cease operations. However, utilizing the Teretek solution makes it possible to complete construction over a short-term period without disrupting business operations.

Sojitz Building Materials handles sales of plywood, wood products, building materials, solar panels, and other materials to residential developers, pre-cut wood suppliers, and building material wholesalers. Along with sales of a wide range of building materials, the company also holds a contractor’s license and carries out construction management through its 12 offices across Japan as well as in cooperation with construction company Mainmark Co., offering construction and construction techniques for non-residential construction projects such as commercial facilities, schools, day cares, logistics warehouses, and factories.

Features of the Teretek solution:
・Makes it possible to continue business operations (no need to remove furniture, equipment, or machinery within the building)
・Fast (same-day construction is possible)
・Lightweight materials (lightweight materials do not exert pressure on the foundation or ground)
・Cheap (a short construction period at a low cost)
The Teretek solution is an independently- developed and ground-breaking construction process.

Sojitz Building Materials will leverage its construction capabilities and the Sojitz Group network to provide conservation, maintenance, and renovation solutions using the Teretek solution for the developing construction stock market. Expanding the ground improvement and renovation business by combining the Teretek solution with other related construction work, Sojitz Building Materials aims to increase current construction sales of JPY 15 billion to JPY 20 billion by FY2020.


After the slope is calculated, a small hole is made for resin to be injected.
The expanding resin exerts an upward pressure to level the ground.

【Diagram of the Teretek solution】

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