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Sojitz and Green Tec Acquire Stratosphere Quality to Enter North America’s Quality Assurance Business

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Jul. 6, 2017
Sojitz Corporation
Green Tec Corporation

Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) along with Green Tec Corporation (“Green Tec”), the largest automotive quality assurance provider in Japan, have jointly acquired full management rights (Sojitz: 65%, Green Tec: 35%) to Stratosphere Quality LLC (“Stratosphere Quality”) headquartered in Fishers, Indiana. Sojitz’s current aim to acquire new functions within automotive-related industries aligned with Green Tec’s objective to expand their overseas operations further. To pursue these mutual goals, Sojitz and Green Tec have made a general alliance agreement, and based on this agreement, , Sojitz and Green Tec have reached an agreement to form a business tie-up for the joint acquisition of Stratosphere Quality.

Stratosphere Quality, like Green Tec, mainly provides quality assurance for parts and other products as a major service provider for automotive and auto parts manufacturers. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has continued to demonstrate high growth, and maintains a customer base in North America comprising close to 3,000 companies.


Demand for quality assurance is on the rise as automotive manufacturing steadily grows throughout the North American region, particularly in the U.S. The need for quality assurance is expanding considering the increasing number of new automotive models introduced into the market, rising standards for precision, diversifying parts suppliers, and the multiplying number and scale of recall cases. Based on these demands, the quality assurance market is expected to demonstrate substantial growth into the future.

Sojitz and Green Tec will work with Stratosphere Quality and each company’s respective customer networks to expand their business within the quality assurance market to construct a foundation for stable earnings, while pursuing synergy between both the Japanese and North American markets.


Related Information

Company Overview – Stratosphere Quality LLC

Established 2009
Head Office Fishers, IN
Representative Director Thomas Gray
Number of Employees Approx. 2,500 people (includes temp staff)
Main Business Quality assurance-related services
Number of Customers Approximately 3,000 companies
Business Regions U.S., Canada, Mexico

Company Overview – Green Tec Corporation

Established 1996
Head Office Nagoya, Aichi
Representative Director Yasuo Nakajima
Number of Employees Approx. 2,400 people
Main Business Quality assurance-related services
Number of Customers Approx. 2,000 companies
Business Regions Japan(35 branches), Thailand(2 branches), China(4 branches)

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