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Sojitz Group to Expand Deltamas City’s (*Kota Deltamas) Industrial Park in Indonesia

- Becomes Largest Comprehensive Urban Development Project Backed by Japanese Capital -

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Mar. 16, 2017
Sojitz Corporation

PT. Puradelta Lestari Tbk (“PDL”), the comprehensive urban development and operation company owned in part by Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) and Indonesian conglomerate Sinar Mas’s real estate subsidiary Sinar Mas Land, has obtained approximately 130 hectares of development land which they will use to expand the Greenland International Industrial Center (“GIIC”) within their comprehensive urban development project, Deltamas City (“Deltamas”).

This acquisition brings Deltamas’s total development area to approximately 3,200 hectares, making it the world’s largest comprehensive urban development project backed by Japanese capital. Furthermore, the industrial park area, including the GIIC, has now grown to approximately 1,600 hectares, making it one of the largest industrial park backed by Japanese capital in Indonesia. Expanding business in the park, PDL will continue working to bring manufacturing companies and other tenants to the park, starting with Japanese companies looking to enter the Indonesian market.

Deltamas is located roughly 37km to the east of Jakarta. The industrial park area comes fully equipped with a level of infrastructure and security capable of satisfying any Japanese company. They also provide an array of services including load-in support, logistics help, and completing procedures for market entry permission on behalf of tenants. Around 200 companies have already moved into the park (of which, 81 are Japanese), from segments including automobiles/motorbikes, lifestyle commodities, foods, and daily use items. The park is able to meet customers various needs, with lots ranging from 1 to 100 hectares in size and factories available for rent.

PDL has already invited the government of the Bekasi Regency to the city, with the government having transferred the Regency’s administrative functions to their office there. They have also decided to invite Bandung Institute of Technology to the city. Additionally, PDL plans to install hotels for those on short or long-term business trip, apartments and Japanese restaurants for those stationed there from Japan, and banks. Aeon Mall plans to begin commercial operations within the park in the next few years. PDL will continue to work on development of the city, in order to bolster the number of facilities available to tenants, such as medical and educational facilities, and further invigorate the town.

PDL was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in May 2015. The plan to continue to raise their corporate value by utilizing the capital obtained from this move to expand the GIIC and develop Deltamas. While Indonesia’s middle class continues to grow alongside the country’s economic growth and more and more foods and consumer goods companies make their entrance into the Indonesian market, PDL will support Japanese companies’ investment in Indonesia and contribute to the advancement of the nation’s economy.

* ”Kota Deltamas” is Deltamas City’s official name, where “kota” is the Indonesian word for “city.”


【Deltamas and the surrounding area】

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PT. Puradelta Lestari Tbk – Company Overview

Head Office Kota Deltamas Jalan Tol Jakarta Cikampek KM37,
Cikarang Pusat, Bekasi, Indonesia
Established November 1993
Ownership Sojitz: 25%; Sinar Mas Land Group: 55.68%;
general shareholders: 19.32%
(Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange as of May 2015)
Main Business Comprehensive development and operation of residences,
commercial facilities, and industrial parks

Deltamas City – Project Overview

Location Bekasi Regency, West Java, Indonesia
Description Comprehensive urban development project encompassing
residences, commercial facilities, and an industrial park
Development Area Total development area: approx. 3,200 hectares

  -  Residential/Commercial Area: approx. 1,600
  -  Industrial Park Area (GIIC): approx. 1,600

Basic infrastructure Electricity, water, plumbing, communications, gas, rental factory
(starting at 1,100m2

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