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Sojitz Machinery Begins Sale of New Wine Cellar Product Under Forster Japan Brand

30th Anniversary Model: The “Wine Cellar in a New Light”

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Dec. 12, 2016
Sojitz Corporation
Sojitz Machinery Corporation

Sojitz Machinery Corporation (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; representative director: Tatsunobu Sako; “Sojitz Machinery”) will begin sales of a new 30th anniversary wine cellar model in mid-January 2017 under its LongFreshForster Japan brand.

In honor of Forster Japan’s 30th anniversary, the long-popular LongFresh line presents its first model backlit by warm-colored LEDs—its “Wine Cellar in a New Light” model.

As a pioneer of wine cellar products in Japan, Sojitz Machinery / Forster Japan will continue to develop products that meet the needs of wine lovers.

Japan Quality 30th Anniversary Model


77 bottle storage capacity LongFresh
・ST—RV273G(M) (right hinge door)
・ST—RV273GL(M) (left hinge door)


【Concept image of installed wine cellar】

Functions and Features of LongFresh ST—RV273G(M), ST—RV273GL(M)

Premium design featuring a flat glass door
Remodeled with a simple, full glass door design. The control panel is now built into the inside of the wine cellar. The upper hinge is hidden on the inner side of the door, giving the front of the wine cellar a clean, cohesive look. These wine cellars are built with double-paned UV protection glass and a handleless door.

10% greater storage capacity with the same external dimensions (in comparison to Forster Japan’s 271 series)
Extra space is now available on the highest shelf, and stacking expands the storage capacity up to 77 bottles from the former 70 bottle capacity. We’ve flattened the base of the cellar, making it easy to store uncorked bottles and sparkling wines upright. (Remove the flat rack and base basket of the last shelf to store bottles upright.)

Wine display illumination
Wine cellars are equipped with moisture-proof, warm LED backlights that line both sides of the cellar’s back wall. This is Forster Japan’s first time experimenting with LED lighting to highlight the silhouette of the wine bottles within the dark interior of the cellar. Additionally, optional angled racks can be used to turn the wine cellar into a display case. (Use of angled racks will reduce the number of bottles that can be stored within the wine cellar.)

Long Fresh’s unique humidification system
LongFresh possesses an energy efficient system that uses DC cooling fans, keeping heat produced by the motor low.

New door designed with heated inner glass
Heated glass reduces the condensation that can appear due to differences in temperature between the external environment and interior of the wine cellar—a phenomenon common to Japan with its many seasonal changes. (In order to conserve energy, please turn on the glass heater to ON only when condensation appears on the glass case.)

Alarm system
In the event high or low temperature conditions are detected within the wine cellar, or the temperature sensor itself malfunctions, an alarm buzzer will go off and a notification will appear on the control panel.

Locks on the far bottom of the wine cellar door
A useful lock keeps the door to the wine cellar secured and controls wine quality. (Note: This lock does not protect against theft.)


[Right hinge door, left hinge door] (pictured with slanted racks)

Primary Specifications

Series Series
Model Type ST—RV273G (M), ST—RV273GL(M)
Price Open price
Color Matte gray
Door Glass door/ G (hinge on the right), GL (hinge on the left)
Capacity 77 bottles (Bordeaux bottle: regular size storage)
Rated volume 273 liters
External dimensions 606 x 589 x 1,513(mm)
Mounting dimensions 646 x 639 x 1,613(mm)
Rated power consumption 100V (50/60Hz)
Temperature settings 6℃ ~19℃(Room temperature 25℃) *Possible to set temperature down to the degree
Weight 73kg
Door key Cylinder key
Country of Manufacture Japan

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