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Operations Commence at Sojitz’s Recently-Completed Solar Power Plant in Iizuka, Fukuoka

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Oct. 3, 2016
Sojitz Corporation

Mirai Soden Kami-Mio Corporation (head office: Kami-Mio, Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture; representative director: Yuji Yuasa), a company in which Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) and Sojitz Kyushu Corporation hold a combined 60% equity ownership, recently completed construction of their Iizuka Kami-Mio Solar Power Plant in Iizuka, Fukuoka Prefecture. The plant entered commercial operation soon after construction completed.

Utilizing expertise gained through our work on a solar power plant in Germany since 2010, Sojitz is developing a number of utility-scale solar power projects in Japan. The Kami-Mio plant is the latest of these projects to start commercial operations, following the Hokkaido Koshimizu and Kumamoto Nishikimachi plants in 2014, and the Aichi Chita Mihama plant in 2015.

Iizuka is located in an area blessed with ample sunlight. This project will make effective use of an old spoil tip (a dumping ground for mining refuse) which grew from past coal mining activity in the area. The plant is equipped with a current output of 13.5 megawatts, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 4,000 regular households. Electricity produced by the project will be sold to Kyushu Electric Power under the Japanese government’s ‘Feed-In Tariff Scheme for Renewable Energy.’

Sojitz is helping to create a sustainable society by actively working to expand the use of renewable energy through our utility-scale solar power projects both inside and outside of Japan.


【Iizuka Kami-Mio Solar Power Plant】

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Mirai Soden Kami-Mio Corporation – Company Overview

Trade Name Iizuka Kami-Mio Solar Power Plant
Established February 6th, 2015
Ownership Sojitz Corporation – 42%,
Sojitz Kyushu Corporation – 18%,
FAS Eco-Energy Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Keisen, Kaho, Fukuoka;
Representative Director: Yoshinori Sugiyama) – 40%
Main Business 20-year long solar power generation business based on Japan’s ‘Feed-In Tariff Scheme for Renewable Energy’
Business Location 346-1 Azaotani, Kami-Mio, Iizuka, Fukuoka, Japan
Plot Area 258,042m2
Maximum Generation Capacity Approx. 16.6MW
Current Output Approx. 13.5MW



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