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Sojitz Group Launches Compound NPK Fertilizer Import & Wholesale Business in Myanmar

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Oct. 31, 2016
Sojitz Corporation

Thai Central Chemical Public Company Ltd. (Head Office: Bangkok, Thailand; “TCCC”), a Sojitz Corporation (“Sojitz”) subsidiary in Thailand which produces and sells high-quality compound fertilizers, has established TCCC Myanmar Ltd. (Head Office: Yangon, Myanmar; “TCCCM”) as a subsidiary to import and wholesale their products in Myanmar.

TCCC has been manufacturing and distributing high-quality compound NPK fertilizers in Thailand since the company’s founding in 1973. TCCC has helped increase agricultural production and improve yield of the crops in the country with TCCC-made products.  Furthermore, through working to spread fertilization know-how to farmers, the company has established the country’s top selling brand, commanding an approximately 40% share of Thailand’s NPK fertilizer market.

For the Myanmar market, TCCC has been exporting their high-quality compound NPK fertilizers from Thailand in order to serve demand for increased nutrient requirements in the agricultural field. Alongside TCCCM’s establishment, the company will construct fertilizer bagging facilities and a warehouse in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone in Yangon. Import and wholesale of TCCC’s compound NPK fertilizers are slated to start in 2018.  TCCCM also plans to further develop the fertilizer market and sales through marketing and R&D activities which are to optimized to the fertilization of agricultural crops and the particular characteristics of the soil.

Farmland comprises roughly 20% of Myanmar’s total land, with approximately 70% of the population working in agriculture.  As one of Southeast Asia’s major agricultural producers, Myanmar is reliant on agricultural exports to bring in foreign capital.  While the agricultural sector in Myanmar is still developing, use of high-quality fertilizers is not yet widespread.  The spread of TCCC-made high quality compound NPK fertilizers could help improve Myanmar’s agricultural production and upgrade the quality of their farm products, which would bring greater benefits to farmers. In this way, TCCCM aims to contribute to the country’s agricultural development.

Through TCCC and TCCCM, Sojitz will continue contributing to the agricultural growth and economic development of Myanmar.

(*)Compound NPK fertilizer: The main nutrients necessary for crop growth are nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). Compound NPK fertilizers use two or more of these nutrients, in a ratio of 30% or more. Since each particle of compound NPK fertilizer includes all of these nutrients, it provides greater fertilizer efficiency and ensures better product quality and higher yields.


TCCC Myanmar Limited (TCCCM) – Company Overview

Head Office Lot No. C15 & C18, Thilawa SEZ Zone A, Yangon, the Union of Myanmar
Representative Director Ko Tojima
Established October 2016
Shareholders Thai Central Chemical Public Co. Ltd. 100%
Total Capitalization USD 12.5 million
Main Business Import and distribution of compound NPK fertilizers

Thai Central Chemical Public Co. Limited (TCCC) – Company Overview

Head Office

21/35-46 Thai Wah Tower 1, 14-16Fl. South Sathorn Road, Kwang Thungmahamek, Kett Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Representative Director Kyosuke Sasaki
Established January 1973
Shareholders Sojitz Corporation 44%, others
Total Capitalization Approx. THB 1.75 billion
Main Business Produce and distribution of compound NPK fertilizers

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