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Sojitz New Urban Development Launches Home Delivery Service for their “SAPUA” Brand Kumamoto Water

- New Service Brings Renowned Water from the Highlands of Kumamoto to Homes -

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Jan. 26, 2015
Sojitz Corporation
Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation

Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Ryoji Karasuyama) will launch a new home delivery and exclusive water dispenser rental service in late January for their ”SAPUA” brand water from Kumamoto.


Sojitz New Urban Development’s original “SAPUA” brand name comes from a portmanteau of the words “supply” and “aqua,” representing the company’s desire to provide refreshing water to customers. Sojitz New Urban Development selected Kumamoto, a region known for its water that boasts the most water sources of any prefecture named in the Ministry of the Environment’s list of Japan’s “100 remarkable water sources,” due to their commitment to water quality. The new service will deliver two varieties of water to homes and offices: Kumamoto Aso no Seisui, a pure water created by the volcanic sediments of the Aso volcano, and Kumamoto Kikuchi no Meisui, water drawn from a location close to Kikuchi Gorge, which is considered the promised land of Kumamoto water. An exclusive water dispenser will also be available for rent.

Demand for home water delivery is steadily growing as people have come to recognize the convenience offered by water dispensers and the necessity for disaster preparedness. Sojitz New Urban Development will offer the service to consumers under the “lifestyles with refreshing water” slogan, including residents of Sojitz New Urban Development’s condominiums. They are also considering expanding business to neighboring countries in the future. Additionally, the business aims to contribute to environmental conservation in Kumamoto by donating a portion of the profits to support the Kumamoto Ground Water Foundation’s efforts to preserve subterranean water sources and the Kikuchi Kankou Kyokai’s (Kikuchi-city’s Tourist Association) beautification programs.

Product Details

■Kumamoto Aso no Seisui – Refreshing and pure taste

The base of the Aso volcano features one of the largest calderas in the world. This natural reservoir contains more than 1,000 springs of varying sizes, producing water that has been purified by flowing through layers of volcanic sediment accumulated over 300,000 years. The water retains natural minerals and is rather soft, with a 23 on the American hardness scale.

Two-bottle set of 12-liter bottles: 3,800 yen (not including consumption tax)

Composition (per liter)
Calories : 0kcal
Sodium : 57.0mg
Calcium : 8.0mg
Magnesium : 1.0mg
Potassium : 1.0mg
Protein, sugar,
: 0g
Kumamoto Kikuchi no Meisui – Mild and gentle flavor
The Kikuchi Gorge, located near the source of Kumamoto’s renowned Kikuchi water, has been selected for inclusion in Japan’s “100 remarkable waters,” and “100 forest water sources.” Even among Kumamoto’s many exceptional water sources, Kikuchi Gorge is considered the promised land of fresh water. The water contains silica and dissolved oxygen, which creates a slight sweetness, and is a soft water measuring a 24 on the American hardness scale.

Two-bottle set of 12-liter bottles: 4,000 yen (not including consumption tax)
Composition (per liter)
Calories : 0kcal
Sodium : 4.8mg
Calcium : 6.1mg
Magnesium : 2.1mg
Potassium : 2.1mg
Protein, sugar,
: 0g
■Water Dispenser – Offering the Safety and Reliability Consumers Expect from Japanese Appliances
Water dispensers designed exclusively for “SAPUA” brand water are available on a rental basis.
Product Function
・High-temperature circulation (no maintenance needed to keep tank interior clean)
・Switch between standard and power-saving modes
・Push button operation
・Temperature setting functionality (2 settings for cold water and 2 for hot water)
・Safety function to prevent heating when empty
・Child lock function

Monthly rental fee: 850 yen (not including consumption tax)
Initial installation fee: 5,000 yen (not including consumption tax)
Product Specifications
Exterior dimensions
: 290 (W) × 300 (D) × 974 (H)
Weight : Approx. 17kg
Capacity : Cold water: 1.6ℓ, hot water: 1.6ℓ
Power consumption : Cooling: 125W/145W, heating: 450W
Water temperatures : Cold water: Approx. 6℃ - 12℃
Cool water: Approx. 12℃ - 16℃
Warm water: Approx. 80℃ - 89℃
Hot water: Approx. 90℃ - 93℃

Sojitz New Urban Development Profile

Company Name Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation
Corporate Representative Ryoji Karasuyama, President and CEO
Head office Hibiya Central Bldg. 17th Floor, 1-2-9, Nishishimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0053
Established November 1995
Capitalization ¥ 1 billion
Turnover ¥ 9.319 billion (fiscal year ended March 2014)
Main Business

Development and sale of new-construction condominiums
Planning and consignment sales of new-construction condominiums
Real estate investment, leasing and management
Real estate logistics, planning, and consulting
Operation of housing sales centers and housing renovation construction contracting
Sale of household interior and daily goods
Sale, agency, and brokering of construction materials
Other real estate related business


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