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Sojitz Building Materials Becomes General Distributor for Galid Wall a Safe and Stable Construction Method Which Shortens Construction Time, Lowers Construction Costs

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Nov. 6, 2014
Sojitz Corporation
Sojitz Building Materials Corporation

Sojitz Building Materials Corporation has concluded a contract with Takayama Industry, Inc. for the exclusive use of their patented “Galid Wall construction method,” a new approach to constructing interior partitions (patent no. 5378466). The contract grants Sojitz Building Materials exclusive rights to use of this construction method, with the company poised to start sales of Galid Wall as general distributor.

The Galid Wall method best demonstrates its utility in the construction of partitions 5 meters or taller for commercial establishments, schools, logistics warehouses, and manufacturing plants. Normally, construction of internal partitions requires two separate processes: the construction of the steel frame and concrete pouring. The Galid Wall method, however, utilizes a lightweight, reinforced, quake-resistant steel frame to reduce construction to a single process. Reducing the number of processes enables shorter construction time with fewer workers, effectively solving both labor shortages and lowering overall costs.

Sojitz Building Materials is a trading company with a sales network that spans Japan, specializing in sales of construction materials, plywood, lumber products, and solar panels to general contractors, residential construction companies, and building material wholesalers. As general distributor for Galid Wall, the company will undertake facility construction, outsourcing manufacture of the steel frames to Tohken Industry, Co. and other companies. Additionally, they will handle construction material procurement, employing materials such as Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd.’s highly quake resistant gypsum board in the construction.

This business is part of Sojitz Building Materials’ current growth strategy to strengthen their non-residential businesses (commercial facilities, schools, logistics warehouses, plants, etc.) Starting this October, they began their full-scale push to develop business across Japan through cooperation with trading companies, wholesalers, and construction companies around the country.

Target revenue for the first year of Galid Wall sales has been set at ¥1 billion, aiming to increase total sales from their non-residential segment (Galid Wall and additional construction combined) to ¥10 billion yen in 3 years’ time.

[Partition construction utilizing the Galid Wall method]

Sojitz Building Materials Corporate Profile

Company Name Sojitz Building Materials Corporation
Corporate Representative Masahiko Takeshita, President
Head Office 7-2, Otemachi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo Sankei Bldg. 21F, 100-0004, Japan
Established April 1982
Capitalization ¥1,039,000,000
Turnover ¥178,900,000,000 (for the fiscal year ended March 2014)
Main Business Construction trading and sales company, providing general construction materials to Japanese domestic general contractors, residential construction companies, and building material wholesalers.

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