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Sojitz Aerospace Begins Handling Wearable Video Cameras from US-Based Taser

-Cameras Excel at Gathering Video and Sound Evidence During Investigations and Patrols-

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Feb. 21, 2014
Sojitz Corporation
Sojitz Aerospace Corporation

Sojitz Aerospace is now handling the AXON Video System, wearable video cameras developed by US-based Taser International, Inc.

The AXON Video System is a lightweight and compact wearable video camera that records both video and sound while allowing users to use both hands for their work. Police officers, criminal investigators, and event and other security personnel can use the system to record video and sound of incidents that occur during investigations and patrols, accurately recording events and preserving evidence. The information can be used to confirm facts, record evidence, and as a measure against complaints and lawsuits relating to investigations and security.

The AXON Video System achieves a degree of maneuverability not possible with a fixed camera and can replace or supplement fixed security cameras. Affixing to glasses, a hat, or a uniform, the AXON camera can record up to 12 hours of what the officer sees and hears automatically and without any awareness by the user.

Sojitz Aerospace will create systems using the AXON Video System for police departments, the self defense forces, and other public agencies as well as private security companies, event operators, and others. The AXON Video System was developed for recording video evidence during criminal investigations, and accordingly, it offers the option to automatically upload video and sound data to the highly-secure cloud-based storage solution or other storage site specified by the user.

The AXON Video System is loaned to the Shitamachi Bobsleigh Network Project with the aim of supporting bobsleigh development and improving of Japan’s competitive technologies.

Sojitz Aerospace is focusing its attention on products relating to terrorism countermeasures and security related fields and has extensive experience with metal detectors at airports and large-scale events as well as hydraulic barrier gates at key facilities and listening device detectors. The company will continue using its knowledge to contribute to protecting the public.

Main Specifications

AXON Video System
  AXON Flex (the camera is separate from the battery and controller)
    Dimensions: 82 mm × 18 mm × 18 mm, weight: approx. 80 g
  AXON Body (the battery and controller are incorporated into the camera)
       Dimensions: 65 mm × 85 mm × 19 mm, weight: approx. 110 g

 Both AXON Flex and AXON Body allow recorded video and sound to be played on a smart phone or on a PC on the spot.

    Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels (both products)
    Frame rate: 30 frames/sec. (both products)
    Compression standard: MPEG4 (both products)
    Weather resistance: IPX2, waterproof II shape (both products)
   Field of view: 75° for the AXON Flex, 137 ° for the AXON Body


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